What You Need To Know Before Layering Your Skincare

Here are the 3 golden rules


Korean beauty junkies already know this – the Korean skincare routine can be an exhaustive 10-step process. The order: Double cleansing, toning, boosting, using an essence followed by serums and a face mask, applying an eye cream and moisturiser, and sunscreen to finish.

It may sound extreme, but different products – such as serums and moisturisers – serve different functions. And by layering, you can get hydrating, oil-controlling, pore-minimising, and anti-ageing benefits all at once.

Before you start layering your skincare, follow these three golden rules:

#1 Start with the lightest texture

When in doubt, apply the product that’s the most watery in texture. “These are absorbed best on clean skin and will not be able to penetrate oily barriers. Move towards heavier textures and finish off with the oilier, waxy or creamier products,” says medical director of Calvin Chan Aesthetics and Laser Clinic, Dr Calvin Chan.

#2 Give it time

Watch some K-drama in-between layers. Give your skin time to absorb each product and dry so it will not pill. “For aqueous layers, I recommend a small gap of 30 seconds; and one to two minutes for creams or gel-based products,” says medical director of South Bridge Aesthetics, Dr Winston Lee.

#3 Don’t skip your moisturiser

Serums are not a replacement for moisturisers. “Moisturiser is key to any layering routine because it seals serums on your skin, making them more effective,” says aesthetic physician of David Loh Surgery Park House, Dr Phoon Yishan. “There is a huge range of moisturiser textures to choose from – thicker creams for dry, mature skin; and gel-based ones for oily or acne-prone types.”

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Photo: Imaxtree

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