How To Stop Sharing Manicure Tools With Strangers

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At our manicure sessions, we’re so fixated on choosing nail polish colours and nail art designs that the last thing on our mind are the tools used.

While many salons now sterilise or sanitise tools that are shared between customers, the risk of infections still remains. A way to avoid fungal infections and give nails proper care is by using your own tools. And that’s what the Nail Edition Kit is – your very own nail kit with 16 professional tools that your nail technician wouldn’t mind using.

Each kit comes with the manicure and pedicure necessities - nail clippers, cuticle clippers, cuticle pushers, a foot file, nail files, a sanding block, a nail shine buffer, toe separators and a nail brush – that are packed neatly into a stylish, easy-to-tote-around case.

Take it to your manicure and pedicure sessions and you’ll never have to worry about having your nails touched by tools that have been used on strangers again. This kit is also perfect for DIY nail jobs because you’ll have everything you need for perfectly groomed talons.

The Nail Edition Kit, $318, is available at

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