What’s In Her Beauty Bag: Jeanette Aw

Can you believe our November cover girl doesn’t even use foundation when she’s filming?


Makeup philosophy

“When it comes to beauty, for me less is more. When I’m not working, I hardly wear any makeup. Even for filming, I don’t use foundation — it’s just concealer and loose powder. It’s only for events, photoshoots or special scenes that I do a full base. I don’t like how foundation feels on my skin, especially when I have to wear it for 10 or 20 hours. In that sense that I don’t do a lot of stuff; I would say I’m low maintenance. I haven’t been for a facial in a long time, too. But when I do go, I pay good money for good quality.”

Whats in her beauty bag.

“Currently I have Shiseido Future Solutions LX Total Radiance Foundation and Total Radiance Loose Powder in my beauty pouch. We have a makeup artist on site during shoots, but I prefer to do makeup touch-ups myself in-between scenes as my skin is very sensitive.

“I’m blessed with good skin thanks to my mum, so I don’t have to worry so much about blotchiness or uneven skin tone. I use the foundation as a concealer and dab a little on where I need it, like under the eyes, and blend.

“I always carry lippies with me. I’m not a red lipstick kind of girl, but somehow makeup artists like to put that shade on me. I like lip colours that are not too strong, and when I’m off duty, I often opt for nude lips. But I am big on lip balm, and I use that very fast. I carry a couple with me — DrGL Sun Protection Lip and Laneige Water Drop Tinted Lip Balm.

“I must also always bring a face mist along. Now it’s Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water. I get really sensitive skin and if I go into a place that’s dusty, I get spots that come up — it’s an allergic reaction. So I always use a face mist to soothe the irritation.

“Then there’s skincare that I tote around, like the Bio-essence Face Lifiting Cream, 24k Bio-Gold Gold Water and Miracle Bio Water Cooling Sunscreen SPF50+. There are times when I have to re-do my makeup during filming, so after cleansing, I moisturise my skin again. Right now, I’m taken care of by Bio-essence. They have a good range of products that hydrate and moisturise, and I like that application is easy and the products feel good on my skin.”

For the hair

“My hair is really dry because of all the styling. When I’m working, I might have to change my hairstyle once or twice, and each time it goes under the hot iron and is exposed to more styling products. I don’t use conditioner. Instead, I use a hair mask after my daily shampoo — that’s how intensive a treatment I need. I don’t usually have time to go to the salon for hair treatments so my hairstylist, Dexter Ng, usually prepares suitable products for me to use. He knows my hair and I’ll use what he recommends. He gave me a John Frieda hair serum and it’s good for fighting frizz.”

My favourite scent

“I’m big on fragrances and have over 30 bottles at home. I’ve been using perfume since primary school. I remember one of my first few bottles was from The Body Shop. In secondary school, I remember using one from Calvin Klein. My friends would say ‘I can smell you before you come’. I love fragrances and use a variety depending on my mood. My all-time favourite is Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle. Sometimes, I even spray the fragrances on my clothes the night before I wear them. And I don’t mind using men’s fragrances because some of them really do smell good.

“At home, I use aroma burners and scented candles from Jo Malone. In the shower, I’m currently using the Virgin Mojito range from The Body Shop. The scent is really refreshing. I usually use whatever smells good. I also like Philosophy body moisturisers. My idea of wellness is to allow the body, mind and soul to connect. I love to go for retreats when I can.”

Photos: Aik Chen

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