What’s In An SQ Girl’s Handbag

The classic navy blue box bag holds more than you think


Besides her iconic uniform and matching sandals, the SQ girl’s handbag is another Singapore Airlines standard-issue item that she carries on every flight.

The design of this navy blue leather box bag is simple and classic; it’s also surprisingly spacious. Besides her passport, work passes, wallet and mobile phone, it holds all the essentials that a stewardess needs to keep herself looking well-groomed.

Here’s a peek at what’s often found in an SQ girl’s trusty handbag.

1. Makeup pouch

Containing foundation, at least two tubes of red lipstick, an eyeshadow palette, blusher, eyeliner, brow pencil, and mascara - basically the full makeup works. You never know what you might need in-flight. A lip balm is essential too, in order to smooth and protect lips from all that long-wearing lipstick.

2. Basic skincare items

Including hand sanitiser, a face mist to hydrate skin and set makeup, and a lightweight, all-rounder face moisturiser or serum to banish any dryness. A rich hand cream and/or body lotion is a must, too. Cabin air is a notorious moisture sapper.

3. Red nail polish

Can’t do without a bottle of this in case nails get chipped and an emergency fix is needed!

4. Non-aerosol hairspray

In a travel-friendly size, to smooth every strand in place.

5. A small bottle of perfume

Goes without saying that it’s essential to smell nice all the time.

And yes, everything fits in that nifty handbag.

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