We Never Thought Of Using Our Empty Cream Pots This Way

Nifty ideas from a South Korean beauty brand


There’s no better day to embark on a more environmentally friendly lifestyle than today, which is Earth Day. Before you toss your empty skincare tubs and bottles into the recycling bin, consider reusing them.

We never thought of using our skincare empties this way, but we discovered a couple of nifty ideas thanks to eco-friendly South Korean beauty brand Innisfree.

Idea #1: Grow a plant


This is so simple and so genius. All you have to do is give your empty skincare tub a good wash, before filling it with soil and growing your ideal plant to decorate your space with.

Idea #2: Create an Instagram-worthy light display


This will take more work, but the results can be rewarding. Consider using an empty toner bottle to create a night lamp. Opaque or frosted ones work best. Similarly, give the bottle a good rinse and let it dry. Decorate it the way you like, string some fairy lights through, and you’re done. Why didn’t we think of that?

Photos: Innisfree

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