Watch: This Is Where Each Perfume Story Begins

Dior’s perfumer whisks you to the birthplaces of the brand’s scents in these ELLE Exclusive videos


The late Christian Dior once said, “After women, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given to the world.”


Which explains why many Dior signature scents, like J’Adore and Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet, are floral fragrances.


Even so, they’re all vastly different in character - because each is inspired by the place they come from, says Dior’s fragrance creator Francois Demachy. He shares, “To create a fragrance, you need time. But also and above all, you need to be stimulated by travel, going to the terroir (French for land) and meeting the people who work and keep them alive.”


What is a trip to seek inspiration for a perfume like? Where does Demachy go and what does he see? Follow him on his journeys below, in these ELLE Exclusive videos.

Where Grasse, France
Ingredient May rose
"May Rose is the queen of flowers from Grasse, the cradle of perfumery,” says Demachy. Grown in the southern region of France and harvested for 40 days from mid-May to mid-June (hence the name), these exceptional roses are used in some of the world’s most famous fragrances today. 

Where Calabria, Italy
Ingredient Bergamot
An important ingredient in a perfumer’s palette and also for the house of Dior, this sparkling ingredient is found in all of the brand’s fragrances from the well-loved Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet to the newest Sauvage. 

Where India
Ingredient Jasmine
Dubbed the “flower of the Gods”, there are two varieties of jasmine — jasmine sambac and jasmine grandiflorum, that grow in the south of India. The first is used in the brand’s J’Adore while the second can be found in the composition of Miss Dior. 

Photos: Dior Parfums

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