#TuesdaysWithLarry: How To Pull Off A Makeup Glow

Without looking like you dipped your face in oil


Glow. The one thing that spanned many years of beauty and fashion trends. The one thing that many people struggle with for their personal makeup (except for that few). 

On social media, I see so many recommendations for makeup glow application, which are simply disasters that look ridiculous in real life, and more amateur than fresh grads from makeup school. #SelfTaughtWithNoArtistrySkills

From requests like “I want to have that K-pop glow across my whole face” to “I want to glow but I look too oily” – it seems that even those with oilier skin types insist they need that extra makeup glow.

With so much nonsense about glow, how should we go about getting it?

I think for most of us here in the equatorial region, the “glow” is simply a dewy finish on skin that looks like there is a soft, moisturised glisten as we walk around in the heat and humidity of the afternoon sun. #SoFeelingFeelingRight? Note: This is not the shine that comes from an oiled-up frying wok.

Let’s listen to PussyCatDoll’s “Hush Hush” and learn a lesson from the song title. All of those who misinterpret dewy glow should hush, and instead take note of how Nicole Scherzinger’s moist skin glows as she moves out of the bathtub.

Let’s lay the facts out:

Humidity + Heat = Sweat
Humidity + Heat + Layers of Makeup = Sweaty Mess
Humidity + Heat + Excess Skincare + Layers of Makeup = BEYOND HELP

So, what should you do to get that dewy glow then? Start with basic skincare. Remember, a good skincare creates a perfect canvas with that natural glow from within – before you even use any foundation. Once your skincare is done, always use your sunscreen.

Oilier, sweaty skin can appreciate the velvety matte finish of Sunplay Skin Aqua Sarafit UV Milk SPF50+ PA++++, which upon application, feels like air on skin while staying sweat- and oil-proof.

For those with combination skin that require a kickstart of a natural sheen, Moonshot Mutli Protection UV Bouncer SPF50+ PA+++ will give you a soft, lightweight glow before it settles into a natural finish. 

(Note: This look isn’t for anyone with very oily skin or sweaty skin. Those with uneven skin texture and who need high coverage will not benefit from this look) 

Now, for the makeup steps:

1. Mix sunscreen with glow

Use the above recommended sunscreen and mix it one-to-one part with Burberry Beauty Fresh Glow Fluid in 01 Nude Radiance. This makes the glow sheer and gives you the effect of freshly moisturised skin. A more affordable alterntive is NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator - mix 2/3 part sunscreen to 1/3 part glow.

2. Even out the skin tone 

Dior Dreamskin Perfect Skin Cushion SPF50 PA+++ is great as a translucent cushion compact to even out the skin texture and tone. Oilier skins will benefit from Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup, which is mattifying and resists facial oil. 

Cover up wherever is needed, but remember to apply only a touch of it to keep skin looking real. Use a high coverage liquid concealer like Moonshot Dark Spot Concealer and dab over spots.

3. Mattify shine

Mattify the T-zone and under eye area with a big fluffy brush like 13rushes Tapered Powder and Sephora Collection Smooth & Brightening Powder to tone down the shine and keep your face looking natural. Do not over-apply or risk looking too matte. #SkinNotCardboard

Most importantly, focus the powdering only on the T-zone and under-eye areas! Skipping powder on the sides of the face allows the skin to sustain that incandescence, keeping a dewiness that sits perfectly in our equatorial climate. 

4. Highlight, highlight, highlight

Use a soft sweep of the CleDePeau Beauty Luminizing Face Enhancer in 14 Delicate Pink to dust upon the higher plane of the face (protruding parts like the temples, higher points of the cheekbones, on your brow bone and the cupid’s bow). This beautiful product brings out a stunning skin-like sheen.

Those who want a slightly more affordably-priced product can try out Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Highlighter. Apply it lightly with a fan brush like the Sephora Collection Pro Brush Fan #65.

Here are some how-to videos to help you along.

Burberry Beauty’s Wendy Rowe does a beautiful effortless Burberry Signature Fresh Glow:


Or learn from MAC Senior Artist Mariam Khairallah who simplified everything:


For those who need an emergency boost of hydration for that perfect, fresh and clean glistening canvas, drop by Sephora ION Orchard on 19 August 2016 (7-8pm), as I will be there to teach you how to give your skin that perk-me-up whenever you need it!

Remember to take a page from the Pussycat Dolls music video. The glow is about a hush… and the makeup will survive.

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