#TuesdaysWithLarry: How To Get SS17's Hydrated, Supple Skin

Larry gives you the step-by-step


While working at New York Fashion Week, I noticed a popular SS17 beauty trend that was on every major runway. 

Designers were asking for fresh, clean skin with minimal foundation and concealer, as they wanted the “skin to show through”. With these requests for pure and light skin, it was as if catwalks around the world were rejecting the MeiTuXiuXiu-ed to death look seen on social media. #SkinNotFractureCast

It's not the Instagram glo’ we see so often either, created by masking the skin and highlighting (all the wrong parts of the face), that makes a person look more horse-y than human. #ShadeThrown 

Highlighters and artificial glows are all the rage now, but truly hydrated and fresh skin has a glow that stems from within and that shines through without too much aid from makeup.

It takes time to really work with the skin to let your true radiance shine through. Here’s a walkthrough of the various steps needed to attain radiant skin:

1. Massage

Massages help to bring radiance and bounce to the skin. When applying skincare, take time to use your fingers and palm to gently massage the product into the skin.

Start from the centre of your face, pressing outwards and feeling your skin’s texture as you move your fingers along. Our fingertips contain lots of nerves that allow you to feel where your skin might be uneven or slightly rough from not getting equal prep work.

If your skin needs firming up, I swear by a combination of the ReFa S Carat (a facial massaging tool) with a light layer of moisturiser on the face. The light gripping feel of the ReFa gives your skin what’s almost like a Shiatsu facial, encouraging blood flow and giving it that extra oomph. Your skin will feel extra bouncy for at least six to eight hours. 

2. Skincare

Well-hydrated skin always starts with a good toner. Giving your skin a good rub down with toner also allows other skincare to apply and absorb much more easily. 

Next, do the same with your serum, and continue softening and giving your skin a subtle, supple glow with moisturiser. Select a moisturiser that leaves your skin feeling comfortable, not matte, as it has to give your skin a slight glisten

Those with oilier skin will appreciate the Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Cream while those with drier skin will enjoy using Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream — both give the skin the right amount of suppleness. For dry skin that gets irritated easily, try IT Cosmetics’ Confidence In A Cream to comfort the skin even more. 

What is right amount of moisturiser? Pick up product the size of a 1-cent coin size. It should be enough to be spread out on all fingers before working onto the face and neck. At this stage, the moisturising cream should have no difficulties spreading like butter on your face due to the suppleness that's already created.

3. Makeup

If you want to stay true to the SS17 aesthetic, just use a touch of concealer wherever you need it — on spots, under the eyes and nasal fold. For concealer, Kat Von D’s Lock-It Concealer provides long-wearing coverage with just a little product.

For those who want a glisten with more punch, mix a drop of sunscreen (like the SunPlay Skin Aqua UV Watery Gel) with a drop of NYX’s Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator on your fingers, then gently press your fingers on the higher planes of your face to continue building a gleam.

To finish, fill in your brows, add a touch of mascara, a little eyeliner near the base of your lashes, and a pop of colour on the lip. Now, you can put your best face forward for Spring/Summer 2017.

Photo: Imaxtree

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