#TuesdaysWithLarry: Horrors From The Gym Floor

“I don’t understand why some people wear makeup in the gym”


Gym. The place where some go to work out so their bodies can be sexy and hot, while others treat it as a hangout with friends, flash their gym bodies, grunt, meet new people and to cuci mata (malay for “wash eyes”).

Obviously if I were an ardent fan of the gym, I wouldn’t be whining about it here (nor have this body of a beached whale.)

I mean, the gym would most probably win me over if not for the bits that I find annoying and revolting because I have an overly sensitive nose.

Wearing makeup while gymming

I don’t understand why some people wear makeup in the gym. With the increase in body heat and the constant sweating, your makeup is bound to smudge everywhere. Yes, your waterproof mascara and eyebrow product may stay put, but doesn’t it make more sense to exercise with clean skin instead? 

Remove all your makeup with Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets Handy Pack before you start gymming. Place and hold it over your makeup for a while and with one swipe, you will take everything off. Perfect for those who complain they don’t have time. Then just rinse your face with water to get clean, fresh skin before workout!

Body odour

Stop, just stop. Can you not smell yourself when you’re changing into your branded sport outfit?

That whiff of body sweat mixed with odour prevents people from being too close to you because you’re a one-woman force field of stink. If you wonder why you’ve got the treadmill area all to yourself in a crowded gym - it’s because that smell of rancid yoghurt has hit everyone else stronger than all of the MRT breakdowns in 2015, combined.

Okay, I get that you might not have the time to wash up before you hit your gym session – so how about a wipe-down of your own body, so people around you won’thave to suffer from all those #PepéLePewMoments?

Just use Mentholatum Acnes Oil Control Cleansing Wipes to clean your armpits. Its fresh minty feel awakens the pits and dries out quickly so you can make it to the hottie yoga teacher’s class on time (yes, I know these are facial wipes, but the generous sheet size and the cleansing properties may aid in attacking the B.O.).

Or, you can use Once A Week Weekly Deodorant (available at Watsons) to biologically neutralise and control the “aroma”. Just one good wipe and you’ll be odour-free for up to a week!

Smelly gym shoes

Just leave one or two tablespoons of baking soda inside dry gym shoes and shake them until they’re evenly distributed across the insoles of your shoes. Leave for one to two days to let it deodorise. Once that’s done, flip each shoe over to shake out the baking soda (into the sink, preferably, so you can wash it away instantly) – and voila, your shoes will be less smelly.

If they stay stinky after that treatment, I suggest putting them into the incinerator and reducing them to ashes.

If you’re up for a good deal, get Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda Detergent Booster and Household Cleaner from Redmart - it’s only $6.50 for 1.5kg of washing soda!

Wiping down

Come on! Is it really that hard to do a wipe-down of the equipment and surrounding area after your sweat has dripped onto everything? The seat, the handles, the floor, the mat? Just use an antiseptic spray and wipe!

This is a super easy action that can be done in 30 seconds – which is pretty reasonable considering that you’ve hoarded the machine for the past 30 minutes. 

Towels everywhere

Seems like no one has a sense of where the used towel baskets are after a gym session. Why else would they towel off and leave it anywhere in the changing room?

Sweetie, do you think your paid membership fee means that the cleaners are there to be your domestic help and you’re entitled to losing your housekeeping manners?

Just pick up your damn towel and put it into the towel bin. #AintYourMama

Body cleansing

Some people whine about how the gym body wash and shampoo is bad for their skin, but are too lazy to bring their own toiletries for showering.

If you don’t feel like lugging around a bunch of stuff, go for a two-in-one wash! ClarinsMen Shampoo & Shower is an amazing product (some women might enjoy that sporty fragrance too) that works for peeps with short hair.

Those who aren’t lazy but find bottled body wash too watery and prone to leakage can get one in a tube with a secure clip top, like Laura Mercier Body & Bath Crème Body Cleanse in Verbena Infusion or Tea Menthe Citron. Both are beautifully scented to leave you smelling fresher than clean laundry.

Or choose an affordable but effective face wash and use it like a two-in-one. Hada Labo Tamagohada Aha+Bha Exfoliating Wash is great for washing grime and sweat off your body and face.

Quick easy skincare

It’s a good idea to wash your face while in the shower after a gym session - simply turn the water to a cooler temperature, which provides a “toning” effect to take away the gym heat and cools your skin down. 

And since you might still be sweating away when you’re done with the shower, use multi-purpose products to keep everything lightweight on skin.

A hydrating anti-ageing serum like Estetica Est.Lab Vitalift A+ Lift Serum can prep your face while providing treatment, while SkinAqua Sarafit UV Floral Essence SPF50+ PA+++ works as both a sunscreen and a makeup primer, giving a skin-smoothing effect for those who need to put on makeup after.

For something really basic, the Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Anti-wrinkle Protect Fluid SPF 20 is perfect for moisturising and providing sun protection.

5-minute makeup

I have often been asked about 5-minute makeup. It doesn’t really work if you don’t understand your face well enough, because sweetie - I’m a makeup artist and not your fairy godmother. #FairyNotRealFairy

So frankly, post-gym makeup has to be simple and direct. It has to work well enough for you until you head home to thoroughly wash up, or give you enough time to add on more makeup later when you are less sweaty.

Here is a basic three-step routine for post-gym makeup:

1. Even out your skin tone

Cover up where there is uneven colouring and tone down the under-eye circles. Makeup Forever Ultra Hd Stick Foundation Stick Foundation works beautifully to give you enough coverage.

2. Fill in your brows

Fill in your brows quickly with NYX Eye Brow Push-up Bra-lift & Draw, which has a neutral taupe on one side for your eyebrows and a highlighter to lift the brow bone or add a glow to your inner eye.

3. Apply coloured lip balm

Give your lips a sheer wash of colour with RMK’s Cool & Pop Limited Edition Summer 2016 collection of Lip Care Color UV Stick (six shades available!)

The steps above should take less than 5 minutes to apply and provide you with a presentable made-up look.

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