#TuesdaysWithLarry: A Singaporean Makeup Artist At NYFW

Including the best upcoming makeup to look out for plus insider tips for New York


Well hello there! Maybe you thought I got kidnapped by aliens and disappeared from #TuesdaysWithLarry, but those who follow @ellesingapore and @larryyeo on Instagram would know that I “escaped” to New York for fashion week. Working fashion weeks are extra special to me because the mayhem of working backstage excites me and reinvigorates my makeup soul.

For New York Fashion Week, I worked with Stila cosmetics and Maybelline on makeup looks for various designers. I was led by different makeup gurus, and I loved how each one went into the reason behind the makeup looks for each designer, expressing the sensorial feel and emotion of the character for the collection. #BecauseThisIsRealFashionNotBlogshopInspo

Of course, there was plenty of backstage craziness too. One time, four models came in while we were in the process of hair and makeup, still in the look from their previous fashion show. We had less than 15 minutes to change their looks before sending them out to the runway — now that’s more exciting than bungee jumping to me!

Here’s a breakdown of everything I experienced on my exciting trip to NYFW.

1. NYFW beauty trends

Cynthia Rowley SS17 beauty look. Photo: @larryyeo via Instagram

Having participated in nine shows, I definitely spotted many beauty trends backstage.

Firstly, sheen is in. Many of the looks featured dewy skin, well-massaged with moisturiser to keep skin fresh with minimal foundation. 

Eye makeup came with various textures and shine levels. Some looked like a kaleidoscope of crushed crystals, while others were more playful with a gentle introduction of colours. Eyeliner was either introduced to define the lash line or elongate the natural eye shape. Brows were made full and textured by filling them in, pushing them up or drawing them in. Lips were natural or even toned down with product, while some were bursting with colour. Thrilling!

2. Exciting products

I discovered, while backstage, the ultimate product that keeps models’ skin hydrated — 3LAB's "Super H" Age Defying Serum. It’s a very hydrating serum that helps soften the skin and which I find helps boosts skin moisture levels for that natural glow.

I also managed to experience the new Maybelline cushion foundation, the Maybelline Dream Cushion Fresh Face, launching in North America in October. It has a beautiful texture that really sits like a second skin that can match up to (if not better) Asian favourites. It’s fragrance-free too! 

Alice & Olivia SS17 beauty look. Photo: @sarahluceroglam via Instagram.

I’m dying to try out the colour-correcting sheer lip balms from Stila Cosmetics SS17 launches too. The lip balm has this amazing translucent grey hue that adjusts the lip colour to cast a cool grey mauve tone. This was what we used for the Cynthia Rowley and Alicia & Olivia shows!

Shows aside, I attended an event by I.T. Cosmetics and previewed some products that are to be launched in Sephora. I'm hooked on their newly launched ByeBye Makeup Melting Balm, a light balm that breaks down all makeup instantly so grime can be easily wiped off with a face cloth! This will be introduced in Singapore in the first quarter of 2017.

Also, I got introduced to Kiehl’s new skincare line,  “Apothecary Preparations”, while visiting the brand's original flagship store at 103 3rd Ave. This is serious stuff, because I got a proper consultation with an experienced Kiehl’s customer representative, who sat down with me and went through my skin concerns. We then went through a book with visual guides that showed the condition of my concerns. All the results were subsequently tabulated before the rep recommended a product for me and explained the active ingredients chosen. Then she applied a sampling of the serum to the back of my hand so I could experience the product. 

Buy this and you also get a bottle of Kiehl’s Skin Strengthening Concentrate and two of the Targeted Complexes to take home. So all you need to create your own product targeted at your specific skincare needs is to squeeze the product from the tubes into the glass bottle and shake it up!

3. Experiencing NYC

NYC looks small on the map but getting from one point to another can take up to 45 mins within Manhattan, depending on whether it is an express (skipping various stops) or local train. Now as Lincoln Centre is no longer hosting NYFW, the shows were all over New York. This moving around allowed me to explore New York and experience a lot of the city on foot. It was exciting and I sure did get toned legs after spending 10 days walking in NYC. 

Getting around was so much easier with Google Maps. No more getting lost in random locations because of my lack of sense of direction. Punch in the address of your destination and it comes up with a list of train or bus services (where possible) and tells you the amount of time it takes to get there. Perfect!

However, if I do have to make it for a 7am show or rush across town, I use an app service called GETT. The cars are always big and very comfortable with friendly drivers that are verified! You can even book a cab for a later timing, so you won’t have to panic for transport. Best part — there's no surge pricing!

Photo: @larryyeo via Instagram

What really got to me was the summer heat in NYC. During the first six days I was there, it was warmer and more humid than Singapore. The sun felt like it burnt more than the sun we get here. Luckily, I had SunPlay SkinAqua SaraFit Milk SPF50+/PA++++ with me, which provided me with sun protection without feeling sticky at all, even in that humidity. 

With the heat, stepping onto the subway felt like I was stepping into a sweltering armpit. It didn’t help that certain trains only served certain tracks — so make sure you read the signs. Don’t be like me, where I waited 15 to 20 mins for four trains that never turned up, getting all frustrated until I realised I was on the wrong platform! 

Then, the weather got cooler later in the week and all was right in the world again.


Photo: @cookshopny via Instagram

Indulging in great NYC eats was also important (of course! I’m a Singaporean!). My friend, the Singaporean-born, NYC-based model Vivian P., showed me this place in Chelsea called Cookshop where they serve excellent brunch. Another friend, Maria O., brought me to this really casual, friendly place in the same neighbourhood that serves great dinner at good prices. It's called The Grey Dog on W 16St.

Harlem, around the 125th Street, has become even more hip now with different new restaurants. My friend Stephanie F. brought me to a restaurant there called Red Rooster to experience homely Southern-styled food (mixed with East African, Scandinavian and French influences). Throw in the excellent drinks and Latin nights on Tuesdays, and this place was brilliant!

Photo: @larryyeo via Instagram

On the Upper West Side, I was introduced to a neighbourhood joint, Cafe Luxembourg, serving French comfort food. When you step inside, it feels like you’ve been transported to another time — plus it has a cosy atmosphere and excellent service. As a reviewer on Facebook remarked: “Cafe Luxembourg is a Jackie Kennedy in a city of Kardashians.”

Oh New York, you will be missed! 

But I guess I’ll have to make sure that I get to you during the next Spring/Summer season!

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