Try This Zit Remedy Before Reaching For Your Concealer

Best part - you can find everything you need at home


We all know we’re not supposed to pop pimples – but sometimes it’s really hard to resist tackling that bump when you wake up to a breakout. While concealer and foundation can help to hide the blemish to some extent, there’s also the risk of ending up with a caked-on look.

To avoid looking like you’ve got an inch of makeup piled onto your face, try this simple quick-fix to reduce inflammation and flatten pesky pimples with a whitehead.

1 Soak a cotton bud tip in hot water.

2 Immediately press it lightly against the bump. This draws the blockage to the surface of your skin.

3 Gently slide the tip 1 millimeter in any direction. The whitehead should slide off with it.

4 If this doesn’t work, repeat steps 1-3 again.

Once you’ve removed the whitehead, splash your face with cold water to close the pores, pat dry and apply a benzoyl peroxide cream to help it heal.

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