This Pick-Me-Up Is Better Than Coffee

The newest addition to Chanel's Chance family is all about optimism and vitality


When your father has headed Chanel’s fragrance department for almost four decades, it seems only natural that when he retires, you should take over the position.

Which is what Olivier Polge has done. The son of Jacques Polge (who stepped down as head of Parfums Chanel early this year) is a famed perfumer in his own right, having created iconic scents like Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, Repetto Le Parfum and Balenciaga Paris.

Now, as Chanel's fragrance creator, Olivier has added the new Chanel Chance Eau Vive to his clutch of accomplishments, a bright and feminine scent that looks set to be the next big thing in the world of fragrances.

He shares more about it here. 

What did you like about working on Chanel’s Chance range and the new scent?

There is a message of optimism and vitality to Chance. It is a very colourful range and you can approach it in many different ways. I wanted to give the new Chance Eau Vive a sense of vitality and that’s why I worked in grapefruit as the main component. 

How many trials did it take before finalising Chance Eau Vive?

A lot. 

But it sounded like you knew what you wanted to achieve?

That’s true. But the most important thing is the starting point of the idea, and I knew I wanted to include the grapefruit aspect. After that, you do a lot of trials to try and improve on your idea. 

How does the new Chance Eau Vive sit within the Chance fragrance family?

There is a similarity among the four scents, but they are not based on the same formula. Each scent is completely different. But if we had to find a common ingredient, I would have to say that it would be around the floral notes that have been used in each of the scents. 

What did your father say after smelling the new Chance scent?

“It’s very Chance-like, but it is not like the others.” To me, this was most important because it showed that the scent could stand alone while still be able to fit within the Chance family. 

Do you wear fragrances daily?

Unfortunately not.   

Is it because they remind you too much of work?

Oh no. I actually like wearing fragrances, but I limit it to only over the weekends. Technically as a perfumer, you're always afraid that your scent might interfere with what you’re working on, so perfumers usually don’t wear fragrances. But when I do, I wear Pour Monsieur by Chanel.  


From $128. Chanel Chance Eau Vive is available at all Chanel counters.

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