This Makeup Brand Was Created To Solve Beauty Problems

And why everyone should try this makeup too


If you haven't heard of the Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer and the Your Skin But Better CC Cream from IT Cosmetics, you should know that they probably are the makeup you've been waiting for. 

Created by former news anchor Jamie Kern Lima as an answer to her skin problems, the US-based brand started selling on home-shopping networks like QVC and Ulta in 2010. Fast-forward to 2016 and IT Cosmetics is stocked in Sephora, making it available internationally. And here's the kicker — L’Oréal just bought IT Cosmetics for a whopping $1.2 billion. This spells good news for the brand's growth, we hope. Give us more game-changing makeup, please!

We had a chat with Jamie recently, when she was here for a visit and the brand's official launch in Singapore.

What inspired you to create your own makeup brand?

I was working as a TV news anchor on KPTV in Portland Oregan and I became obsessed with beauty products because I had really bad rosacea, which even caused me to lose my eyebrows. I tried everything but my skin ended up looking caked in foundations and concealers, which made me look older and were not good for my skin. So I decided to make a brand that actually solved skin problems with foundations and concealers that were actually good for the skin.

What makes your famous Your Skin But Better CC Cream a game-changer?

It starts its life as skincare with all the ingredients that are going to help skin be balanced, prevent breakouts and calm sensitivity, then we needed to add sunscreen, but only physical UV blockers because the chemical ones can cause bumps and skin sensivity. It gave full coverage and SFP50 and didn't worsen sensitive skin, and it just looks like good skin. Clinical studies show that after 10 days of use, women's skin conditions improved. Plus, it works for everyone from 16-year olds with zits to 85-year olds who just want their skin to look more even and luminous.

What inspires you to create new products for your brand?

I think about girls and women like myself with skin and complexion problems that no product has managed to solve. Then I aim to create something that's easy to use and that works. We work with dermatologist and plastic surgeons and we don't launch a product until I'm satisfied that it delivers what it says.

What other brands' makeup products do you still love?

I try everything I can get my hands on from every brand. I'm a total makeup girl. One of my favourites is Urban Decay's lipstick; I love the intense and super trendy colours.

What are the three top picks from IT Cosmetics you want every woman to try?

CC Cream for sure, and being here in Singapore, I must say I'm so happy with how it works in the humidity. It's one step, skincare plus SPF50 plus foundation, so you don't need to apply endless layers that just melt. Bye Bye Under Eye is the second, once women tried it, we started seeing tons of before and after pictures on beauty blogs and social media, all raving about this eye concealer. And Superhero Mascara, our newest mascara that has an elastic stretch, which expands and extends your lashes.

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