This Makes Any Foundation Match Your Skin Tone

Finding your perfect shade is really this easy


With over 7,000 different skin tones in the world, it’s no surprise that finding the perfect foundation match for yours can be tough.
Another frustrating thing when it comes to foundation shades: The moment you get fairer or more tan, your bases don’t match your skin so well any more.

So what’s a girl got to do when that happens? Buy a new foundation? What if our skin tone goes back to the way it was in week?

Enter The Body Shop’s Shade Adjusting Drops, a new solution that helps your liquid foundation match your skin tone with every application. As its name suggests, mixing this with your foundation will lighten or darken your base as you need it that day.

There are two variants – Lightening and Darkening drops ($29.90 each). If you find your liquid foundation too dark or orange, just use the Lightening Drops to lighten pigments and neutralise the yellowness of light-to-medium foundation shades. If your foundation is too light or ashy for your skin tone, go for the Darkening Drops.

The technique: Apply your usual foundation to the back of your hand. Add one drop of your chosen Shade Adjusting Drops and mix. One drop into your foundation makes it half a shade lighter or darker. Add an extra drop if needed, then apply on your face after you’ve achieved your perfect shade. Easy peasy.

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