This Made-To-Order Face Cream Won’t Break The Bank

It’s tailored to your skin, and yours alone


They say good things come to those who wait. And one thing worth waiting for in the beauty world is Bottega Verde’s bespoke anti-ageing La Mia Crema, especially since it is tailor-made for your skin. The wait is 20 days, which is longer than we usually wait for our online shopping, but we aren’t complaining.

Why a bespoke face cream? 
According to Professor Enzo Berardesca, a director of clinical dermatology at the San Gallicano Dermatological Institute in Rome, no two women have the same skin needs. He explains that the level of hydration, surface lipids and skin sensitivity can all vary from person to person. So having a cream that’s made for just your skin and its needs ensures that all your skin woes are well taken care off.

Customise your own cream
Bottega Verde’s customisable service allows you to create a cream that will suit your skin type. It starts with an in-store skin analysis where a beauty consultant measures skin hydration levels and determines your skin’s characteristics. You can even decide on how your cream will smell by choosing from two fragrances. Orders are then sent back to the brand’s Tuscan headquarters to be made. After 15 to 20 days, head back to the store and you’ll receive your very own tub of cream with your name on it!

What’s in it?
While every La Mia Crema formula is customisable and unique, each tub still contains anti-ageing active ingredients such as vegetal caviar to increase collagen production; a mushroom extract to prevent water loss and reduce the size of pores; and a plant sugar complex to strengthen skin’s barrier function.

The La Mia Crema, $69.90, is available at Bottega Verde, #02-454 Suntec City Mall, 6635-3899.

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