This Limited Edition Shampoo Will Change The Way You Feel

All it takes is one wash


I detest hot weather, not just because it makes me feel all cranky and lethargic, but because it presents a rather embarrassing situation: Unstoppable perspiration. Yep, I’m one of those people who melts into a salty puddle after a short unsheltered walk in the sun. I’m also better than a hot-water bottle at retaining heat, so much so that 20 minutes after being back in airconditioning, I’m often still perspiring. 

So when Tsubaki announced the launch of a new limited-edition Cool Head Spa Set – a shampoo and conditioner duo – to celebrate its 10th anniversary, I leapt at the chance to try it out. Created to help us keep literally cool heads in this age of global warming (did you know that 2016 is turning out to be the hottest year in history?), it deep-cleanses the scalp and protects the hair from UV rays while ensconcing your scalp in a frosty menthol bubble. 

The paraben- and synthetic-colourant-free formula is made in Japan and contains naturally derived rosemary oil to thoroughly remove all excess sebum and oil from your poor, steaming, overstimulated scalp. There are also ingredients to repair each strand’s interior, plus soften and moisturise your mane so it looks sleek and shiny. The scent? Floral and fruity, grounded with a dose of musk, sandalwood and dry amber. How posh for a shampoo.

Apparently most people prefer to wash their hair with warm water when using this shampoo because it can get quite nippy, but I’m all for going for cold water. For one thing, this helps the cooling sensation last a bit longer, and the combo of the shampoo, conditioner and icy H2O is a real zinger. Note, though: “If you’re going for cold, you should wash your hair for longer than if you’re using hot as cooler water needs more time before all the dirt and oil is removed,” says hairstylist Kenneth Lee.

Does it really work? I walked out of the Tsubaki salon with freshly washed hair – an hour later, my head was still feeling pretty cool (and, yes, unsweaty). I’ll be using this until it goes off the shelves.

The limited edition Tsubaki Cool Head Spa Set ($29.90) is available exclusively at Guardian from today, while stocks last.

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