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Innisfree shows the way with the Playgreen Festival in Seoul


If you’ve been following us on Instagram or Snapchat @ellesingapore, you might remember that earlier this month we were feasting on some spicy rice cakes, gimbap, and shaved ice in Seoul, South Korea.

One of the reasons for our weekend trip was the Innisfree Playgreen Festival 2015, a fun and forward-looking event that aims to encourage a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

After spending a morning at the newly opened Innisfree Jeju House in Samcheong-dong, we headed over to the festival at Yongsan Family Park, where we joined 2,000 other partygoers in playing games to generate the energy needed to power the festival. How cool is that?

The point of all this? “We want to let people know that a green life is easy and fun, and it’s something you can actually enjoy,” says Han Soo Yoon, an associate from the Innisfree marketing and communications team.

Honestly, we can’t think of a better brand to promote such an eco-friendly lifestyle than one that’s synonymous with the green life itself. Innisfree product bottles are printed with the line “please return to Innisfree after use” for recycling, and most of its carton packaging is made from tangerine peel. (Yep, you read that right.) Employees are also encouraged to adopt plants and use handkerchiefs to reduce the use of tissue paper.

The Innisfree Playgreen Festival 2015 at a glance

Before entering the grounds, each festival goer was given a “passport” in which you had to collect stamps by visiting various activity booths. For each completed passport, the brand donated 5,000 won (SG$6) to the preservation of the Gotjawal Forest in Jeju Island (an island where most of the ingredients found in Innisfree products are grown).


The festival started at 2pm with energy-generating games at funfair booths. And we mean “energy-generating” quite literally - participants did things like cycle to operate the popcorn and candy floss machines, run on huge hamster wheels to power the speakers, and see-saw to inflate balloons.

There was also a Forest Photo Gallery that displayed pictures from users of the brand, and an Art Together area where you could decorate your own pouch. One of our fave spots? The Green Library, where festival goers took books they had finished reading to swap with others.

Green class

At the DIY workshops on-site, we learnt how to create our own night lamps using empty toner bottles. Another handy tip: Recycling empty face-cream tubs as pots for plants – after washing them, of course.

Green concert

The event ended with a music festival where actor and brand ambassador Lee Minho made an appearance (scream!). On stage were indie musicians Peppertones, Jang Jae-in (Jang Jane), Daybreak, and Jang Gi-ha and Faces, just to name a few.

Someone do something like this in Singapore, puh-lease?

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