All You Need For The Festive Season Is This Hair Trend

No salon visits required, even


While hair sprouts are undoubtedly the strangest and most random hair trend the world is likely to see for a while, here’s another that comes pretty close to taking the bizarro cake.

Photo: @randomactsofpastel via Instagram

#Glitterroots is the latest beauty phenomenon, and as its hashtag (yes, there is one) suggests, it involves applying copious amounts of glitter to the roots of your hair.

All you need is hair gel, glitter and a whole lot of creativity. Part your hair in any way you prefer, then mix your glitter and hair gel together in a container. Get an old hairbrush from past DIY hair-dye projects and spread the mixture evenly onto your roots.

For a really opaque finish, we suggest applying your glitter-gel mix one layer at a time, letting each layer dry before brushing on the next one, like so:

Now, as anyone who’s ever handled glitter will know, the sparkly stuff is an absolute bitch to get rid of. We’re not going to lie — if you attempt this, know that you (and your home) will shine on long after your party is over.

To thoroughly remove all traces of glitter from your mane, try this three-step hair hack. First, shampoo as usual to wash off most of the gunk, then lather your hair again with olive oil. If there’s still glitter after this, spray a generous amount of hair spray on a paper towel and use it to blot your hair. The stickiness will pick up any stubborn, clingy flecks.

Photo: @thefoxandthehair via Instagram

The great thing about #glitterroots is that there are no rules. It looks good on any hairstyle and hair colour, and you can mix in as little or as much glitter as you want, or even go big with sequins.

Even better: It’s an AWESOME way to cover up those exposed roots when you don’t have time to visit your hairstylist.

Now, go forth and bedazzle your pals, just like our favourite hammer-licking popstar.  

Photo: TPG Images

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