This Is The Easiest Way To Prevent Nails From Yellowing

Just do this one simple thing before painting your digits


You know some times when you remove your nail polish and your nails are left yellow? That’s common and it turns out that this happens because your polish colourant is reacting with your nail plate, says general manager of Vedure Face, Body and Nail MediSpa Helen Lim. And it turns out, darker polishes may also cause more obvious yellowing.

“The most effective and easiest way to prevent nails from yellowing is to use a good base coat every time you paint your nails. Also, applying nail oils containing jojoba or squalene can prevent staining,” says Helen.

Giving your nails some time to “rest” in between manicures gives nails time to grow out, recover and strengthen as well. “A good benchmark is to remove your nail colour after a week, and leave your nails bare and free to breathe for about the same time,” advises Helen.

Be warned, if you leave your nail polish on for too long, the pigment in the varnish may seep into your nails and dry it out, which then leads to other long-term problems.

But if you can’t bear to leave your nails bare, opt for 3-Free or 5-Free nail polish brands such as JinSoon or Color Club, which are free from three or five major toxins including formaldehyde, which is also thought to cause yellowing.

Photo: Imaxtree

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