This Is How You Should Be Applying Your Concealer

For best panda-eye coverage


When it comes to perfecting our complexions and masking dark under-eye circles, we turn to our trusty concealers. But it turns out, you might be applying your concealer the wrong way.

Choosing a formula in the right shade is half the job done, and the order in which you apply the concealer matters to.

If you are using foundation, you should apply that first, followed by the concealer. Using a foundation first is often enough to even out skin tone, which will cut down the amount of concealer used after. However, if you apply concealer first, you tend to remove most of it when applying your foundation after.

When concealing under-eye circles, avoid coating the entire width of your eye with the formula. Instead, look in the mirror, tilt your head down slightly to see where the shadows fall and only conceal those areas. Blend well for a natural finish and no one will suspect a thing.

Photo: Imaxtree

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