This Is How To Turn David Gandy On

The sexiest man alive shares where he likes women to wear their fragrances


It’s hard not to get lost in David Gandy’s blue eyes. The model-turned-entrepreneur is more than just a handsome face. Named the sexiest man alive, Gandy also designs, has his own production company, races cars, and participates in numerous philanthropic projects. We caught up with good-looker who was recently in town for Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue fragrance.

You’ve been working with Dolce & Gabbana for over 10 years, what do you like about the brand?
David Gandy I like many things. It’s rare that anyone has that relationship with a brand that lasts that long – we’re talking 13, 14 years.  It was my first show I ever did and the things we’ve achieved together are incredible. The brand’s designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, as well as the team, are the reason I stay. It’s a family and it’s what works for both of us. Dolce and Gabbana stay in control of the brand and when it came to designing my own brand, they were the first guys that I got in contact with for advice and to ask them what they thought.

What was the very first fragrance you used?
DG I can’t even remember last week let along remember what I liked when I was younger. I would dread to think it was something horrendous. It was probably something very cheap that didn’t smell very nice. But I would bathe myself in it, which men get wrong very often, but I was quite young when I did that.

What sort of fragrances do you like?
DG I change my fragrances to the time of year and time of day. Of course Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue is one of my favourites. Its fresh, vibrant and not overpowering – something I like to wear in the day. Then in the evening, I’ll go for something deeper and muskier.

What is fragrance to you?
DG It’s like an accessory. It’s part of an outfit – like a watch. It is also something that improves the mood.

What advice to you have for men wanting to up their fragrance game?
DG A lot of men just have one fragrance that they use all the time but I think it’s about having two or three different ones to go with the outfit or time of the day. Don’t have two fragrances that are similar, have them different. You have to discover what works for you, so it’s all about trial and error, and what your like.

What is your grooming routine like?
DG A must-have is a good moisturiser, my skin is always so dry. I also use organic rose oil and the SK-II male line – it’s probably my favourite at the moment. A lot really comes from what you eat and drink too. Make sure you put the right things into your body to get it out. A good fragrance is important too. When I travel, I spritz some on at the end of a flight or just before landing to freshen up.

Ever stolen a skincare product from your girlfriend’s stash to use?
DG We’re always using each other’s stuff. We use the same moisturiser and people say that women’s products are different to men’s, but a good quality moisturiser is just good quality moisturiser.

Where is the sexiest spot for a woman to wear her fragrance?
DG It has to be the neck.

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