The Facelift That Works, No Needles Involved

We could hardly believe it ourselves


Everyone wants to look more youthful. And of course, everyone also knows that gravity can be very cruel, especially as we age. Everything starts moving southwards. 

After all, how many of us have looked in the mirror only to realise that our cheeks are no longer plump or that a double chin has started to appear (and not because we’ve been eating too much of late)? 

So of course I was intrigued when I heard of the new Senze Renewal Proionic Facial that promises to lift the face instantly - no pain, no needles or anything remotely invasive involved. What it makes use of instead: An Indiba Proionic RF machine that helps rejuvenate and repair cells while boosting microcirculation for a healthy and radiant complexion. 

Even better, this new facial is being offered at the SK-II Boutique Spa, where treatments are always a pleasure, thanks to the signature Senzational Beds dressed in soft cotton sheets, goose-down comforters and Tempur pillows. 

It starts with the usual cleansing to remove makeup and dirt. This is followed by a round of sonic cleansing to slough off dead skin cells and prep the skin for the steps that follow. Minor extractions are done to clean out clogged pores, but are kept mainly to the T-zone.

The therapist then starts the RF portion. She massages my face with a probe, making sure to check with me periodically if the heat level is fine.

With many other facials that use radiofrequency, the duration is often short and quick. But with this, I’m pleasantly surprised to find out that the therapist goes over the entire face, including the neck, three times, massaging and lifting the facial contours.

The first time is to help improve circulation and cell metabolism because as we age, our skin cell turnover slows down and that’s where you get that dullness and rough texture. The second is to promote greater microcirculation of the skin cells and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while the last lifts and firms the skin while redefining facial contours.

Best bit? The probe is safe enough to use even on the eyes — goodbye dark under-eye circles and puffiness, and hello bright K-popstar-like peepers! 

The facial then finishes with a mask and skincare application, and you’re good to go.

Honestly, the whole treatment was so comfortable and soothing that at one point that I actually dozed off.  

According to my therapist, while you will see more radiance, skin clarity and a slight lift in your facial contours after the first session, the real benefits emerge about two to three days later.   

And it’s true. My complexion looks clearer and brighter now, four days after. My jawline also seems a bit more pronounced, and my chin sharper. And while the hefty price tag is something that might make you think twice about signing up for another session, sometimes you’ve just got to tell yourself that you can’t put a price on looking good. 

$480 for 85 minutes. The Senze Renewal Proionic Facial is available at SK-II Boutique Spas. For more information, visit #02-06 Shaw Centre or call 6836-9168. 

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