All You Need To Remove Your Makeup Is This One Product



When it comes to makeup removers, all of us want one that does everything. And by that, we mean a) one that cleans without stripping the skin; b) gets rid of every trace of mascara and lipstick without excessive tugging; and c) is so gentle that it doesn’t irritate the eyes.

Tough? We thought so too until we came across our latest find, the Browhaus Erase Make-Up Remover. Not only does it do all of the above effortlessly, it even eliminates the need to take off your eye makeup before you wash your face.

The oil-based formula, which helps makeup slide right off, complements the brand’s existing range of waterproof eye makeup. If you’ve tried a Browhaus mascara or eyebrow pencil before, you’ll know the sort of staying power we’re talking about. Case in point: We wear the Browhaus HD Mascara ($17.90) to hot yoga and it doesn’t budge no matter how much we perspire.

What’s even cooler is that the makeup remover is super easy to use. Just spread three to four pumps of it over your face. Emulsify with a few drops of water and massage gently. Then rinse thoroughly with water and you’re done - no vigorous rubbing required.

Bonus: The fragrance- and paraben-free formula is suitable for sensitive skin and doesn’t leave an oily residue. And at $18.90, it’s gentle on your wallet too.

Browhaus Erase Make-Up Remover is available at all Browhaus outlets in Singapore. Visit for store listings.

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