The Ultimate Guide To Pore Minimising

Get set for your most flawless, refined complexion ever


Having enlarged facial pores can be a major problem. We, for one, feel it’s as troubling as having air bubbles trapped under your smartphone screen protector. *shudder*

Apart from looking unsightly, they also make you appear more Pit Girl than It Girl in photos - certainly not what you’re after in your Instagram gallery.

But don’t despair. While large pores can seem like they’re there to stay, here are three tricks you can try to make them go away. Or at least minimise them.

#1 Slough and refine

For skin to be smooth and refined you need to exfoliate. This gets rid of dead skin while at the same time improving cell turnover so that the skin surface is luminous and supple. Do this twice a week with either a grainy scrub or an at-home peel.

ELLE Picks (L-R): Skin Inc Pure Revival Peel, $25; Bioderma Hydrabio Exfoliating Cream, $32.90; Clarisonic Aria Pink, $270; Kate Somerwille Exfolikate Gentle Exfoliating Treatment, $105; Kiehl's Nightly Refining Micro Peel Concentrate, $99.

#2 Shrink treatment

Pore minimising skincare products are a must. To shrink pores, look for ingredients like marine algae, retinol and gentle natural fruit acids, all of which promote skin regeneration and elasticity so that skin stays healthy while pores are pulverised into oblivion. 

ELLE Picks (L-R): Caolion Pore Tightening Memory Sleeping Mask, $57; Mirenesse Absolute Pores - Pore Tightening Night Serum, $70; Dr Jart PORE MEDIC Poreminish Serum, $65; Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Correcting Serum, $79.

#3 The perfect cover

Pore minimising won't happen overnight as it takes time for skin to regenerate and for pores to tighten and look less obvious. Until then, makeup can help to hide those enlarged pores. Just choose the right products as some makeup tends to show skin surface irregularities more readily. In general, stay away from foundations that are either too oily or have a luminous finish as these accentuate pore troubles.

ELLE Picks (L-R): Peter Thomas Roth Pore Corrector Anti-Aging Primer, $69; Shu Uemura Stage Performer Smooth-Out, $59; Algenist Pore Corrector Anti-Aging Primer, $60; NARS NARS Pore Refining Primer, $62; NYX Pore Filler, $24.

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