The Top 3 Anti-Ageing Myths Debunked

Read this before you shop for skincare


When it comes to anti-ageing, when’s the best time to start using such products and what ingredients should we look out for?

South Korean academic research dermatologist Professor Seong J. Kim, who was in Singapore for the launch of Pure Beauty’s Youth Restore range, says, “When it comes to embarking on an anti-ageing skincare regime and preventing harmful influences such as environmental factors from affecting the skin, there’s a growing consensus that the earlier you start, the better.”

Of course, no one expects you to start slapping on anti-ageing products when you’re a child. Your mid-20s is a good time to start, as “the skin maintains youth and active metabolism up until then,” says Prof Kim.

Below, he debunks three top anti-ageing myths, so you know exactly what to look out for when shopping for skincare products.

Myth #1: Expensive products work better

“This isn’t true. Evidence-based efficacy is the most important factor in choosing your skincare products,” says Prof Kim. Make sure you research before you invest.

Myth #2: Natural ingredients are gentle on skin

According to the professor, “There’s the same chance of irritation and sensitisation if the natural ingredients are not fit for your skin.” So don’t just buy according to what it says on the label. If you aren’t sure how your skin is going to react, do a patch test first.

Myth #3: “Miracle” ingredients will save your skin

“There is no magic that can save your skin,” Prof Kim says. What you can look out for, though, are specific ingredients. The professor, who worked on the Pure Beauty Youth Restore range, recommends the ingredients that can be found in the line.

“In Pure Beauty’s Youth Restore Lift and Nourish range of products, the three major ingredients are Liftonin, Red Ginseng Peptide and sea grapes. All these ingredients have shown efficacy in skin rejuvenation by stimulating extracellular matrix such as collagen and glycosaminoglycans.”

Pure Beauty’s Youth Restore range is available at Watsons stores.

Photo: Imaxtree

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