The Secret Training Of A Brazilian IPL Therapist

The low down on a very private matter


These days, doing a bikini-line or Brazilian hair removal treatment — be it shaving, waxing or IPL — is pretty much the norm. 

Of these hair removal methods, IPL is the newest but is also fast becoming the hair removal method of choice for its longer-lasting and more effective results. 

Curious about how a therapist is trained to perform this, well, delicate procedure, I talk to Manon Allano, a French expat who came to Singapore to expand EstheClinic, her family's aesthetics spa business. 

Q: How are new therapists trained to do a Brazilian IPL? Who do they train on?
A: During their training, all my therapists are trained on every one of EstheClinic’s treatments. Usually, they will train on me, or on their colleagues with my supervision. However, for the Brazilian IPL, most of us are too shy to be the trial candidate as colleagues, so I will coach them in theory on how to work on the area, and then I will ask some friends to come for a free treatment. It is a win-win situation as the new therapist can practice and my friends can get a free treatment. I will be on hand to supervise the treatment to check that she is following the procedure properly. 

Q: How long does the training take before a therapist at EstheClinic can perform a bikini line IPL on a client?
A: Depending on the professional background of the therapist, the training will last from 2 to 4 weeks before a therapist can perform any treatment on a client. They will exercise all the treatments on me, or on my friends with my strict supervision, until they are ready to perform treatments on clients.

Q: What are some things a Brazilian IPL therapist wishes every client knew?
A:  There's no need to worry or be overly self-conscious. Before starting the treatment, we provide feminine wipes for you to clean and prepare the area for the treatment. The most common problem a therapist faces for IPL hair removal is if the hair is too long or short to perform an effective treatment. You should shave the area to be treated 2 days prior to your IPL session. This ensures the optimal hair length to maximise the effectiveness of the IPL wavelength so you get the most effective and lasting hair removal.

EstheClinic is a luxury aesthetic French spa with eight branches in France. Singapore is the first country outside of France with not one, but two EstheClinic branches.

IPL Hair Removal from $150 per session for underarms and bikini line to $600 per session for full legs.

EstheClinic is at 72 Tras Street and 44 Rochester Park, tel: 6221-4797.

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