The Secret To Looking Like A Korean Superstar

Find out how actress Lee Sung Kyung looks so good


If you’ve been watching South Korean television drama Cheese in the Trap (I have!), you’ll know Lee Sung Kyung's eye-catching, feisty and outspoken character Baek In-Ha. In real life, the leggy beauty is just as striking with her bright skin and long flowy hair. The 25-year-old model-turned-actress currently boasts a whopping two million followers on her Instagram account and is the latest face of South Korean beauty brand Laneige. We caught up with the stunner during her visit to Singapore for the opening of the new Laneige flagship boutique at Ion Orchard to talk about her beauty habits and must-haves.

On skincare:

“I started using Laneige products even before I was an ambassador for the brand. The Water Sleeping Mask was the very first Laneige product I tried. I remember being at a photoshoot and it kept my skin well moisturised. Now I use the Water Sleeping Mask nearly every night – it keeps my skin’s moisture levels up and is my remedy for tired skin.

“When it comes to skincare, I am quite meticulous. I start my routine with a lotion followed by an essence, eye cream and cream – all from the Laneige Water Bank line. Sometimes, I change up the essence depending on what my skin needs – I have combination skin that’s dry in some areas and an oily t-zone – but keeping my skin moisturised is my priority as skin troubles tend to emerge when skin isn’t hydrated enough. Most of the celebrities that get ready in the same salon as me also use the Water Bank Cream on their skin.

“It’s not just about applying products, I do simple massages too. I like to tap the products lightly on my face so they absorb better. I also gently press on certain pressure points on my face such as my temples. This helps improve blood circulation which also leads to better skin.

“I have this weird habit where I don’t rest the side of my face on the palms of my hand when I am seated – I try not to do anything that impacts the shape of the face. I press the side of my neck below the ears instead of leaning my cheeks on my palms.

“When filming Cheese in the Trap, I was the character wearing the most makeup. After long hours of shooting, I like to refresh tired skin by washing off my makeup as soon as I can. I also always make sure to remove all my makeup thoroughly at the end the day, no matter how tired I am. I use Laneige’s cleansing oils to remove my makeup and cleanse my face. I use the Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil when I have heavy makeup on, and the Fresh Brightening Cleansing Oil on a regular basis. It removes all makeup (including eyeliner and mascara) effectively and I don’t even have to double cleanse. I emulsify the oil with warm water and rinse with cold water to tighten the skin. I actually run out to buy this when I’m all out!"

On makeup:

“I value the tips given by makeup artists that I’ve worked with in my career. One thing I’ve learnt: It is important to take care of your skin before applying any makeup. Putting on a mask before makeup and applying essence with a cotton pad lays a good foundation for makeup that follows. After skin care, I feel that my makeup is good to go just by applying the Laneige BB Cushion. And the time taken to apply my makeup is now much shorter since I’ve started using the BB cushion – it really cuts down the number of steps needed to achieve a natural looking base. When I first started working as a model, I wore a lot of more makeup. Now I go for more of a natural look. I focus on covering my flaws, not my entire face.

“The current beauty trend in South Korea is two-tone gradation on the lips. In fact, I’m wearing the Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar now. You can create different finishes including a fun, vivid or natural look. And I always use a brown eyeliner to accentuate my eyes."

On hair:

“My hair is always subjected to heat styling and I dye my tresses quite a fair bit. I don’t always have time to focus on hair care but I try to do home care treatments when I can and use hair oils as well.”

On exercise:

“Stretching and Pilates are popular in South Korea and I usually do stretches at home by myself. Besides doing core workouts at a fitness club, I like to dance by myself at home – I’ve been doing it since young. It’s fun, and helps me de-stress too.”

Photos: @heybiblee via Instagram

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