The Right Way To Use Your Cushion Foundation

Everything you need to know — from application to cleaning


Since cushion foundation entered our lives, it’s become one of our favourite ways to get our face on.

But since it’s relatively new, we’ve always had questions. Like, how do we really apply cushion foundation properly? How should we clean a cushion puff? And what else can we use for application if we’re in-between puffs?

Thankfully, we got the chance to speak to Jenny Park, creative director and chief makeup stylist of Korean beauty label Moonshot. Park has had over 20 years of experience beautifying famous mugs (including 2ne1’s Sandara Park) and is the creator of Moonshot’s new lightweight Microfit Cushion and multi-purpose highlighting Moonflash Cushion — so who better to talk to about cushion foundation?

1. How should I prep my face for cushion foundation?

“When using a cushion foundation, it’s best to use a primer to give you the best effect and coverage from the foundation, help it apply more smoothly and last longer.

Moonshot’s Multi-Protection UV Primer is a great option — it’s a sunscreen but you can also use it as a makeup base as it gives a very beautiful sheen.

Also, even though it’s promoted as a strobing product, you can also use the Moonflash Cushion as a base to give you that sweet glow from within.”

Moonshot Microfit Cushion, $36.

2. What’s the right way to apply cushion foundation?

“People tend to apply their cushion foundations with a tapping motion, but when you do that, there’s a chance your face will end up looking flat and 2D.

For a smoother, even coverage, use soft strokes to apply the cushion foundation then pat on more product gently if you want more coverage.”

 3. How should I clean my cushion foundation puff?

“It’s a two-step process. First, squirt a few pumps of cleansing oil on your puff and gently squeeze out the product trapped within. Finish with normal hand soap before rinsing thoroughly.

Dishwashing liquid also works.”

4. How long can I keep my cushion foundation for?

“It’s best to throw out cushion foundation every two to three months to keep things hygienic.”

5. What other tools can I use besides my cushion puff to apply my cushion foundation?

“A makeup brush with dense bristles is a great alternative as it’s effective in evening out the product completely.

If you’re wondering how you’re going to get enough product out of the cushion foundation, all you need to do is pinch and pull the cushion sponge aside and flip it over to get more product. You can do this whenever you think you’ve run out of foundation too to not let your foundation go to waste.”

6. What is one thing I should never do with a cushion foundation?

“Choosing the wrong foundation colour. When picking out a foundation shade, you should match it to your neck and chest, and not just your face to keep from having a head and décolletage that are two different hues.”

Moonshot Moonflash Cushion, $36. 

7. How should I use a highlighting cushion product like the Moonflash cushion?

“The parts you want to strobe are the high points of your face where the sun usually hits: The nose bridge, temple, cupid’s bow, the top of your cheekbones and a little on the brow bone.

You can also highlight your legs to give the illusion of longer gams, and your collarbones for more definition.”

Photos: Moonshot

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