The Right Way To Use Makeup Setting Mists

You CAN look flawless all day long


Not everyone believes that makeup setting mists work, especially in hot weather. But in our experience, they can actually do wonders – if used correctly, that is.

Ahead, makeup artist Larry Yeo shares some quick tips to get the best out of your mist.

1. Choose the right mist for your skin

Yeo likes Make Up For Ever’s Mist + Fix as it has film formers that ensure makeup stays on. If you have oily skin, he recommends the NYX Makeup Setting Spray Matte Finish, which is sold in Sephora.

2. Spray the correct way

After you finish applying your makeup, hold your mist at least 20cm away from your face (about an arm’s length away) and spray in an X, then a +” motion. This will ensure that your face is well-covered,” says Yeo.

3. Use the right amount

The amount sprayed on shouldn’t leave your face too wet or drip down your chin. You need to control the spray mist by holding the bottle sufficiently far from your face and moving it quickly,” explains Yeo. Then leave it to air-dry naturally - as it does so, it will help your makeup adhere better to your skin so that you look fresh for longer.

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