The Only Misting Device You Need Now

This doesn’t just refresh tired skin - it immediately tightens and lifts facial contours too


Facial mists aren’t high on the list of must-use products for many people. Sure, they refresh tired skin and cool it from the heat, but unless you’re spending an afternoon at Bangkok’s Chatuchak market, they’re not really top of mind. But imagine a device which dispenses a mist that moisturises while simultaneously tightening and lifting the facial contours instantly.

It sounds a little far-fetched, but that’s what this new gadget from MTG Japan (the manufacturer that brought us Refa rollers) is said to do. Meet Plosion, the diffuser that emits a fine but powerful jet of carbonic mist.

Its secret lies in the high concentration of carbonic acid in the mist. Carbonic acid is known to have health and beauty benefits similar to natural hot spring water. And when misted onto skin with the Plosion device, the formula reportedly penetrates deep within to widen blood vessels so that blood flow and lymphatic drainage improve. The result: Tighter skin and a face that looks instantly slimmer and more contoured, with effects lasting up to eight hours.

Now, this is a real mist-have.

$399 (includes a mist diffuser, two Face Essential Lotions and one CO2 cartridge), available at

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