The Non-Surgical Way To Eliminate Eye Bags

This new treatment promises to get rid of puffiness and dark rings using just a needle


The land of aesthetic surgery has done it again. Doctors in South Korea have come up with DrEyes, a non-surgical eye bag removal treatment that we hear is fast gaining popularity — and it's now available here.

Typically, patients who want to remove their eye bags require lower blepharoplasty, a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and fat in the lower eyelids. That, according to Dr Shiau Ee Leng, the chairwoman of the International Aesthetic Medical Advisory Board, “is a once-in-a-lifetime treatment for eye bag removal. If you opt to do this the second time, there might be more complications. With DrEyes, you can do the procedure multiple times to maintain results, and then opt for lower blepharoplasty when you’re 70.”

Instead of removing the fat and excess skin around the lower eye area, DrEyes uses a radio frequency (RF) micro-insulated needle system. After numbing the eye area with local anaesthetic, a RF needle (that is customisable in length and width) is inserted. The RF frequency is said to break down the fat in the eye bags, which eventually gets drained out by the body’s lymphatic system. The procedure also helps stimulate collagen growth that tightens skin and smooths wrinkles. We hear results can be seen in three to four weeks. The good news is that there’s minimal downtime, though you might experience some bruising after. Still, it's nothing that can't easily be covered with concealer.

From $98 (45 minutes), ClearSK Medi-Aesthetics Flagship, #07-06 Scotts Medical Center, 6100-6868.

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