The New Way To Mask: Animal Style

With these cuties, you'll gain smoother skin — and some fun selfies


In-and-Out isn’t the only place where you can get something “animal style” (major cravings right now!). Sheet masks are dishing out an experience, too.

Get them in sachets with animal motifs or printed with animal features — either way, they make for a great DIY facial treat. More importantly, these babies are totally selfie-appropriate and look way prettier than a regular white sheet mask.

Here are three offerings to try and get with the pack:


Isshindo Honpo Animal Face Pack, $15 (box of two sheets). Available at Tokyu Hands.

Photos: The Face Shop

The Face Shop moisturising Character Mask Sheets, $3.90 each. Available at The Face Shop stores.

Photos: Guardian

Guardian Cute Eye Masks, $9.90 (box of 10 pairs). Available at Guardian stores.

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