The Lipstick That Keeps On Giving

Join M.A.C and Miley Cyrus in the fight against HIV/AIDs, one lippie at a time


With all the press Miley Cyrus has been getting, it’s easy to forget that behind all the crazy clothes, wrecking balls and fondness for sticking her tongue out, is someone with a very big heart. She founded her own non-profit, Happy Hippie, to help vulnerable youth, and is M.A.C’s Viva Glam spokesperson, championing the fight against HIV/AIDs.

Cyrus explains why this cause is so important to her, “Part of this is education. And helping people who need support. But it’s also about how to prevent this. And I think my fans are so young that it’s important they think about this kind of stuff, and if it comes from me it’s less embarrassing than talking to friends or parents.”

If you loved the singer’s first Viva Glam collection launched earlier this year, you’ll definitely want to get this. This time, Cyrus has created a bright orange lipstick, $31, and a similarly-hued Lipglass, $31, with sparkling shimmer. All proceeds from the sale of the limited edition collection will go towards the M.A.C AIDs Fund, to raise awareness and money to aid those afflicted with HIV/AIDs. 

The Miley Cyrus Viva Glam collection drops today and is available at all M.A.C stores.

Photos: M.A.C

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