The Fastest Way To Get Rid Of A Tan

Get your skin back to its original tone, stat


Imagine this: You’ve just returned from a beach vacay. And after all that frolicking in the sun, you’ve got a tan. Not that there’s anything wrong, but it can get cumbersome when you realise the shade of your foundation doesn't “match” your new found skin tone.

We asked medical doctor at IDS Clinic, Dr WS Heng, what the fastest way to get our skin back to its original tone was. Here’s his expert advice:

“Three words: Avoid the sun. Once you have a tan, it means more melanin has formed on the skin surface. When you are trying to undo the damage, you don’t want more melanin to form, so stay indoors and wear a large brimmed hat or carry an umbrella when you are outdoors.

“Next, use topical antioxidants with anti-inflammatory and lightening properties. You can try the IDS C-Plus, $150, which reduces the rate of pigmentation formation, evens out your skin tone and will help skin retain its original hue. And exfoliate skin once or twice a week to stimulate cell renewal.

“Also, apply physical sunscreen and frequently reapply – whether you’re indoors or outdoors. Opt or sunscreen with ingredients such as zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and UV filters. These ingredients don’t irritate the skin and provide broad-spectrum UV protection. You can also consider taking oral supplements that offer sun-protective and brightening benefits in the long run.”

Photo: Imaxtree.

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