The Facial Rescue You Have To Try

Your tired skin will thank you for it


It’s been a long time since I’ve had a Chanel facial (bet you didn’t know the brand offers facials in Singapore, right?).

Now, its treatment cabin, which used to be tucked behind the Chanel counter at Metro Paragon, has moved to beauty-dedicated Seviin on the 7th floor of Tangs at Tangs Plaza, and is called Chanel Espace Beauté.

Everything here is decorated in the brand’s iconic beige hues, from the sofa to the carpet and even the wallpaper - which has a surprising calming effect. It’s like stepping into a tranquil oasis that you’ll never want to leave.

There are four treatments to choose from — a Moisturising Cocoon Treatment to hydrate, the Le Blanc Absolute Whitening & Radiance Treatment to brighten, Le Lift Smoothing Sculpting Treatment to define and Sublimage Ultimate Regenerating Treatment to nourish. 

I’m told that each facial uses a unique set of massage techniques to maximise the efficacy of the products used and to deliver the best results possible. For example, the Le Lift facial includes more pinching movements to lift and firm, while the Sublimage facial has more soothing gestures to bring about a sense of total wellbeing. 

I opt for the Sublimage Ultimate Regenerating Treatment as my skin has been looking dull and tired from my constant travelling. 

This pampering treatment uses Chanel’s luxurious Sublimage range and is great for targeting various signs of ageing like fine lines, dullness and even sagging - all while promoting a radiant glow. 

It starts with an extensive cleansing using the Essential Comfort Cleanser. The therapist massages my face, dissolving all traces of makeup, even my waterproof mascara. After that, a scrub is applied and she uses an interesting mitten-like tool (it’s made from some aerospace material) to gently remove dead cells, focusing mainly on the T-zone area and the sides of the nose. 

She then starts a massage using a dry oil that is gorgeously scented with jasmine. I’ve never been a fan of jasmine, but I want to slather this all over me. Sadly, this oil isn’t for sale and is used exclusively only in Chanel treatments around the world. Then my shoulders are treated to a firm pressure massage to ease tension while my face is soothed into relaxation.

After the massage, the therapist mixes a drop of the newly launched L’Elixir with the L’Essence for a rather extensive facial massage. 

By this time, everything is a blur as I’m trying hard to fight off the Zzzz Monster that’s threatening to pack me off to dreamland. There’s nothing to do but to succumb. 

After the facial massage, the Masque is applied. The therapist also adds a purifying mask to my T-zone as she’s noticed it looks a little oily and congested. That’s what’s great here - while you may have chosen a particular facial, the therapists will tweak the treatment to address your skin’s specific concerns.

As I wait for the mask ingredients to be absorbed, my hands get treated to a relaxing massage too. 

The facial finishes with an application of La Crème and La Crème Yeux. To maximise the effects of the products, my therapist lightly pinches my brow bones and under-eye area. This helps lift the eyes, boost micro-circulation and reduce the appearance of crows’ feet. For the face, she does a rolling and lifting movement along the sides and soft-knuckles my jawline to help define and lift it. 

And as I’m heading out for a meeting after the treatment, she applies the Les Beige All-In-One Healthy Glow Cream SPF30/PA+++ to give my complexion an added glow and even out the skin tone. 

Note, however, that the Sublimage facial is extremely stimulating for the face as there’s a lot of massaging done. Add the rich products to the equation and you’ll find that this treatment isn’t for every skin type, especially if your skin tends to break out. 

If you’re looking for a pampering treat every once in a while though, this is perfect. For tired and lacklustre complexions, this is the rescue you need for a radiant and more youthful looking you. 

$250 for 90 minutes. The Sublimage Ultimate Regenerating Treatment is available at Chanel Espace Beauté, Seviin at Tangs. For more details, call 6738-1307. 

Photo: Imaxtree

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