The Easiest Way To Fake Fuller Looking Brows

They’ll look super natural too


Unless you’re doing a #throwback to the not-so-stylish parts of the ’90s, stick-thin brows are no longer the way to go. Also known as boy brows, fuller eyebrows aren’t just cool because the likes of Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins are rocking them, they also give you a more youthful vibe — because no one is plucking their brows at 10 years old.

However, some of us just aren’t blessed with the most lush pairs, or have spent way too many years preening them till there’s nothing much left to work with. Fret not — here’s a simple and quick way to fluff up your brows.

Step #1

You know how you backcomb your hair to give it more volume and lift? The same concept works on your brows too. Using a brow gel, comb your brows up and against your hair growth. 

Step #2

Fill in any sparse spots with a brow pencil, gel or powder, using thin, small strokes.

Step #3

Blend out excess product by brushing your hairs lightly with a spoolie brush. Your brows should be lighter nearer to your inner corner, and darker along the arch and tail. 

Step #4

Set everything in place with a brow gel, following the direction of hair growth. Then, comb through the half of your brow closer to your inner corner again, sweeping the brush up to really lift the hairs.

Voila — now you’ve got thicker yet natural-looking brows. You won’t even have to spend precious minutes filling them in like crazy.

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