Take Down That Product Build-up

Getting rid of residual gunk in hair is surprisingly simple, according to beauty guru Larry Yeo


The next time you’re poised to soak your hair in pungent vinegar in the hope of stripping product build-up from it, remember these words from Larry Yeo: “That’s bullsh*t.”

According to the straight-talking celeb makeup artist and beauty educator, keeping the gunk at bay is easy: “It’s basic science and you don’t need special things.”

Here are his simple steps to strip build-up from your tresses and keep them healthy.

1. Stop over-conditioning

“Some people just put waaayyy too much stuff in their hair and don’t wash it long enough to get everything out.”

2. Put treatment or conditioner only on dry ends of the hair, not the whole length

“In Singapore’s weather, the conditioning agents will naturally diffuse and eventually coat the entire length of each strand.”

3. Have a hair cut

“No matter how much product you use to treat damaged ends, if the hair shaft is damaged, it’s damaged. Hair grows, so cut the damaged part off. It’s hair, not a mink coat!”

4. Focus your shampoo wash at the scalp, not the whole head

“The rinse-off is good enough to take away the dirt from the rest of the strands.”

5. Go to your hairdresser once every two weeks for a good wash and blow-dry

“You get to enjoy me-time at the salon while they wash the build-up away and blow out the hair shaft build-up. Watch when they blow-dry your hair – a blast of ‘mist’ could be a sign that you’ve layered on too much product.”

To keep build-up at a minimum, Yeo recommends these shampoos: Kiehl’s Rice & Wheat Volumising Shampoo, SunSilk Light Frequent Wash Shampoo, Gatsby Perfect Clear Shampoo (“great for anyone who uses a lot of product and hair wax”) and Tsubaki Volume Touch.

“All these don’t layer too much product on the scalp and can help in rinsing off excess build-up,” he says. Our fave part? It’s all hassle-free.

Photo: Larry Yeo

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