Stop Doing This At Night If You Want Healthier Hair

Have you been sabotaging your mane?


We all know the importance of a nighttime skincare routine, but did you know that bedtime hours are also a golden window for taking care of your hair?

Typically, we wash, brush and style our hair in the morning for the day ahead, while nighttime is when we let our hair down, literally. However, if you wish to get truly healthy, shiny hair, it’s time to break some of your bedtime habits that might be sabotaging your mane health!

1. Sleeping on any old pillowcase

Have you been snoozing on your same old cotton pillowcases forever? Well, it’s time to upgrade the grubby case to a silk one. Silk is known to reduce breakage of hair (which leads to split ends) as it has a naturally smoother surface. This means that your hair will slide across the silk pillowcase with less fraying and frizz when you toss and turn at night. In comparison, cotton is believed to increase the static in your hair and cause bunching and knots. Silk is able to retain moisture as well – great news for those with dry, brittle hair!

2. Using metal hair ties

If you have long hair, chances are you tie up your hair at night to keep it away from your face. Make sure you choose a ponytail holder without any metal parts, as they may create tension in your hair through the night and cause a pull around your forehead.

3. Sleeping with wet hair

Trust me, I’ve had my fair share of exhausting nights where I’m too tired to blowdry my hair after taking a shower. If you want healthier hair, however, this is one of the worst things you can do to your locks. Wet hair is like a loosened spring, and more prone to stretching and breakage, so make sure your hair is completely dry before you crash into bed.

4. Forgetting to condition

Nighttime is the perfect time to condition your hair – use a leave-in conditioner and let it soak in while you sleep and you’ll wake up with softer, smoother locks. Don’t forget to apply a scalp mask once a week, because healthier scalp = healthier hair!

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