The Smart Girl’s Guide to Injectable Fillers For A Fresher Face This Party Season

All you need to know to fill up without effing up.


All about instant gratification when it comes to transforming yourself into the fresh-faced beauty of your dreams? Consider “filling in the blanks” by plumping up with facial fillers containing hyaluronic acid spheres – yes, that same mighty moisture magnet found in everything from the lightest of lotions to the creamiest of cold creams.

Now, when it comes to injectables, it’s absolutely imperative to do your research. Of course, crucial caveats apply: This story doesn’t sub for a proper sit-down with a qualified aesthetician, for one, and the onus is on you to select an SMC-registered practitioner.

What questions should I ask my doctor when getting injectable fillers?

Be a prudent patient and always ask your physician what sort of filler he or she is intending to use on your face – you’re better off playing it safe with non-permanent and reversible hyaluronic acid or collagen fillers, as these contain a failsafe option in the form of enzyme injections to dissolve any defective lumps and bumps. Permanent fillers, on the other hand, are a dicey dare best not taken, as you don’t have the luxury of a “backspace key” if anything goes awry.

What are some of the latest filler techniques?

As versatile a treatment as any, opt to have your full face fixed, or spot-correct regions requiring a little smoothing and softening: The haggard hollows encircling your eyes are perfect for plumping up if you want to look instantly invigorated.

Of course, we can’t discuss injectables without implicating Kylie. The It-est Instagirls are all checking into clinics and grandstanding their #gains for the ‘Gram. (Check out the hashtag #KylieJennerLips if you want photographic proof.)

“Hyaluronic acid fillers are the best for the lips – they give a very natural look,” says Dr Siew Tuck Wah, medical director of Radium Medical Aesthetics. “Some examples include Restylane Kisse and Belotero Balance. Fillers of varying viscosity can be used to achieve different looks.”

If injectables are a touch too intimidating and invasive for your tastes, look to off-the-counter lip plumpers instead.

How much down-time should I expect?

The “beauty” of this minimally invasive treatment is the near absence of downtime;  in most instances, you could conceivably sneak out during your lunch break and be back in an hour with your colleagues being none the wiser for it.

Of course, some swelling and bruising is par for the course, especially if you’re getting work done around sensitive spots like your peepers and puckers, but it’s nothing a judicious dab of concealer won’t solve. That said, it’s incredibly important that you do your research and select a qualified doctor who can handle any complications which may arise. If you notice any lingering lumpiness, persistent pain or changes in vision – touch wood! – seek medical attention immediately. Good luck!

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