The Beauty Routines Your Fave Korean Celebrities Swear By

Skincare tips from Park Shin Hye, Lee Sung Kyung and Yoon Eun Hye


Do you find yourself admiring the complexion of your favourite Korean actresses instead of concentrating on the plot of the K-drama you’re watching? You’re not alone.

Thanks to the K-beauty craze, the flawless skin of Korea’s top celebrities has become the goal of women worldwide.

But what’s their secret? Besides loading up on Korean skincare, you can also follow the actresses’ regimes to keep skin healthy despite a busy schedule. Their beauty secrets are surprisingly easy to follow - read on to find out more!

Lee Sung Kyung

In addition to having a new hit show (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Jooi) and boyfriend (Lee recently confirmed her relationship with former co-star Nam Joo Hyuk), the rising star is also known for her unique beauty - namely her light brown eyes and flawless complexion. 

Here are her beauty secrets for maintaining radiant skin:

#1 Beer bath

Yup, this unusual activity is one of Lee’s beauty secrets. The xanthohumol in beer encourages the production of gluthathione, a powerful antioxidant found in our bodies – which means regular beer baths are great for slowing down skin ageing while retaining its natural glow. (You can also try a wine spa for skin rejuvenation!)

#2 Moisturising is key

The most basic step of skincare is also the one you should never neglect. It’s clear from Lee’s radiant, dewy complexion that she never misses this in her daily routine. “It’s easier to apply makeup when your skin has been properly moisturised,” shares the actress.

#3 Weekly mask treatment

Korean women are known for their diligence when it comes to masking, and Lee is no exception. The busy star uses a leave-on mask two to three times a week to nourish her skin when she sleeps!

Park Shin Hye

The leading actress of hit Korean TV drama Doctors boasts luminous skin that has been the envy of many since her acting debut in 2003. Park’s top tips for maintaining a healthy and radiant complexion reflect her advocacy for natural beauty (the actress insists that she has never gotten plastic surgery) - see them below!

#1 A regular honey fix

Park has previously revealed that she has eaten honey since she was young to keep her skin healthy. Psst - you can make various scrubs with honey as well!

#2 Specific makeup removers

Eye and lip makeup are typically the hardest to remove – which is why Park insists on using eye and lip makeup removers to wipe away the stubborn products.

Using an effective remover also means you don’t have to tug at your skin to get rid of the makeup – check this out to find out the trick to removing heavy-duty makeup.

#3 Circulation massage

Park’s top beauty tip is to massage your face as you cleanse it. This improves circulation and will result in healthier-looking skin.

Yoon Eun Hye

Yoon Eun Hye is one of Korea’s top actresses and popular variety show Running Man’s most coveted guest star (mainly because of her rumoured romance with one of the show’s former stars, Kim Jong Kook). Here’s how to get the translucent and poreless-looking skin of the 31-year-old.

#1 A good night’s sleep

Yoon is a firm believer that a good night’s sleep is the key to looking your best. If you have trouble sleeping, try the star’s tip of drinking hot milk before bedtime, or do a workout that might lull you to sleep sooner!

#2 Lots of H2O

If you want Yoon’s glowing complexion, make sure you consume eight glasses of water every day. The actress also avoids smoking, coffee and chocolates, which can be drying for skin.

#3 Pore care

Yoon is very particular about pore care. To cleanse her face, she places a warm towel over it for gentle exfoliation before applying a mask.

After removing the mask, Yoon soaks cotton pads in toner and gently massages them onto her skin to minimise the appearance of pores.

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