Tang Wei Embraces Her Natural Self for SK-II’s Bare Skin Project: Your Complexion Reflects Your Inner Mental State

Joining Chloe Grace Moretz were actresses Tang Wei, Ni Ni, Kasumi, Mayu and Chun Xia, who also faced the cameras with no makeup on.


Here, Tang Wei shares her thoughts about her first ever #BareSkinProject photoshoot experience, and reveals how she prepared for the photoshoot with the invaluable aid of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence.

What thoughts came to mind when you were first approached about the #BareSkinProject? 

That I could never do it! I’ve never worked or gone in front of a crowd without any makeup on, so I was very hesitant about getting involved with the #BareSkinProject. But I decided to have faith in my SK-II products and do the shoot with a bare face. 

What does “Bare Skin”, or going without makeup, mean to you? 

I’ve never ever thought of going anywhere without at least my base makeup – I would die before I go out without any makeup on. So you could probably say that going without makeup was a personal challenge for me. 

How did you prepare for your shoot? 

I got my hands on a whole line of SK-II products and used them three times a day. I took extra care with every step of my skincare regime and learnt how to do simple facial massages myself. Getting enough sleep was also something I took care to do as well. I
admit that making sure I did all these things was quite a challenge. As many already know, the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence has been my “best friend” for quite awhile – applying it is one of the first things I do to start my day. And when I get back home at the end of the day, I remove my makeup and do a mask by soaking cotton pads in my SK-II Facial Treatment Essence too. 

“Never would I have imagined that doing a shoot sans makeup would be possible. But I put my faith in SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and just went for it.” 

The people behind the camera for the shoot were renowned photographers Christopher Anderson and Jim Goldberg. What was the experience of working with them like? 

I enjoyed every minute of our outdoor and studio shoots and had loads of fun. I love how the photos turned out too. The goal of the #BareSkinProject is to help women all over the world accept their natural beauty, even without makeup.

What would you say to encourage your fans to be confident in their own skin? 

Knowing how to use makeup to make yourself look good isn’t a bad thing, but I believe that a person’s face and complexion reflects how they are feeling on the inside. I’m an optimist who tends to look on the bright side of things, and I love sports and getting out to exercise. If you keep yourself happy and take good care of your skin, anyone can become more beautiful. So always keep a healthy and optimistic outlook on life! And live life believing that you are an essential part of this universe.

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