The Taiwanese girl’s ultimate guide to beauty

For Beloved One founder Margaret Wu gives us the low-down on the beauty must-dos in Taiwan, the less-is-more skincare routine to follow and treatments to try.


When we talk about Asian beauty regimes, we first think of the Japanese and the Koreans, their exhaustive skincare routines, and those flawless miens. But look a little closer to home at Taiwan, and you’ll find just a vibrant a beauty industry. Taiwanese beauty regimes, as we discover from founder of For Beloved One Margaret Wu, is all about pampering hot-spring experiences, less-is-more skincare routines and visits to skin doctors. Everything we can get on board with.

The former beauty editor shares her beauty must-dos for the ultimate Taiwanese beauty experience.

#1 Must-do: Visit a hot spring

“In Taiwan, we like to take soaks in hot springs that have sulphur. The water is good for the skin, aids blood circulation, and can help heal certain injuries and inflammation. You’ll also most probably find us wearing a sheet mask while masking while soaking.”

#2 Facial-hair removal is a must

“Traditional threading used to be the common solution for facial-hair removal for many women. But with the improvement in technology, many opt for laser hair removal now.”

#3 Skin doctor visits are very common

“We are more inclined to cosmeceutical skincare. If we have a skin problem, we will consult a doctor or skincare specialist for advice before buying any products off the counter.”

#4 Time-savers

“Being Asian, we used to have many skincare steps [in our daily routines] too. But these days, intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments are popular with Taiwanese women. It’s faster and more efficient and since we like to mask, it gives us better results faster.”

#5 Less is more

Personally I only have a few steps in my skincare routine. Many skin sensitivity issues arise from using too many skincare products.  I remove my makeup with micellar water and cleanse only with water after. If I don’t mask, I’ll just use a serum and moisturising lotion after cleansing.”

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