Craving Immortality? These Million-Year-Old Ingredients May Help You Look Young Forever

Are intergalactic ingredients a cure-all or con job?


Forget unicorn’s uterus or mermaid’s milk. Space is the final frontier for skincare these days, with cosmetics and the cosmos colliding in a big bang of extraterrestrial elixirs. 

A constellation of companies are literally looking to the heavens for the next divine discovery and touting topical treatments gleaned from the galaxy.  

Case in point: Cult cosmeceutical brand 111Skin’s “star” antioxidants are actually man-made molecules created in conjunction with space scientists, who assembled an array of atoms aimed at alleviating the ailments of astronauts estranged from Earth.  

Meanwhile, Lancôme’s Rénergie Multi-Lift fleet of face-savers is fuelled by a formula tested under the destructive duress of microgravity sustained by satellites in orbit.

Which begs the billion-dollar question: Are all of these alien agents more hype than hope? Here’s where we free-fall into a black hole of riveting research.

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