The Latest Glow-Giving Korean Facial Is Like A Workout For Your Face

K-beauty meets K-exercise.


K-beauty fans, rejoice! There’s a new Korean facial service centre in town. Started by the same folks behind K-beauty service providers Yakson Singapore and Apgujeong Hair Studio, Hanbang Skin Solutions offers a unique facial massage technique that you won't find at any other salon.

The Geunmak Therapy by Hanbang Skin Solutions has been described as a traditional Korean massage method that firms facial muscles and increases skin’s elasticity. But, IRL, it’s much like a FITT training sesh for your face, giving your complexion a radiance not unlike that post-workout glow.

The facial includes double-cleansing, exfoliating and masking, utilising products from SkinCeuticals or Esthe Twin. Therapists train for months to master this treatment technique that targets the deepest layers of skin in order to stimulate collagen production.

This not only relieves tension between muscles and boosts blood circulation but also activates lymph nodes on the face to drain away toxins. If you love deep tissue body massage, you’ll find this quite shiok. Even though your cheekbones and jaw may ache for one or two days after (which is expected post-treatment), the noticeably toned contours of your face will more than make up for it.

Prices start from $169 for a Clarifying Care Treatment.

Hanbang Skin Solutions, #04-30 NEX Singapore, Tel: 9066-8449

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