This painless lunchtime "facelift" is the secret to looking 25 forever

Slip away during your office break and tip-toe back to your cubicle with your colleagues being none the wiser for it.


Here's the deal. You're caught in that no-woman's land of, on the one hand, not being quite ready to go under the knife; and on the other, feeling increasingly frantic at the petrifying prospect of jowly jaws in your near future. 

Enter the ingenious new Ultra V HIFU Facelift, which for my money is one of the most painless, penny-pinching and potent procedures this side of the scalpel. 

The treatment hinges on HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) tech to tighten and tone just about any blobby bits you please; the precision-engineered tip delivers ultrasound energy deep into the dermis to crank up collagen production for a firmer face and bouncier bod over time. 

Now, if that sounds an awful lot like Ulthera and Thermage, you're not wrong — but with one fear factor removed. Yup, the Ultra V HIFU Facelift is all gain and no pain. It honestly feels like next to nothing versus its conventional counterparts, which can often be hold-my-hand, ouch-this-sucks hot to the touch. 

And this is a literal lunchtime lift in that it takes less than 30 minutes for the entire face and neck to be treated, tops, with no need for numbing and zero downtime involved. (Sensitive-skinned folks may experience transient flushing that should dissipate by the time you’re back at your workplace, and is nothing a smidgen of concealer can't correct.)

Results-wise, you should notice instant invigoration (hurrah!). Your face should also look firmer and fresher as the days roll by — and absolutely no one will be able to pinpoint why, unless you decide to disclose your “secret”, of course. 

That said, crucial caveats apply. Modulate your expectations because this isn't going to make you go from Kris to Kylie in a single sitting. Instead, it's akin to a preventative poultice if you're in your mid-30s like moi; or as maintenance slotted between sessions of more invasive injectables. And because you're only forking out about $425 and up per pop, you can conceivably integrate this into your monthly beauty budget ... and avert ageing altogether. (Or that's what I'd like to think, at any rate.) 

Suss it out for yourself at The Wellness Clinic at Wheelock Place, and good luck in our collective crusade against time and tide!

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