Meet the miracle #Holygrail flower that all anti-ageing beauty buffs should know

We'll never have to grow old again.


After much searching and scouring, we can announce that the search for the fountain of youth is officially over.

Drumroll, please: Meet the sacred lotus, the botanical breakthrough poised to shake up the scene in the beauty world. 

This fabulous flower is featured in a starring role in the KENZOKI BELLE DE JOUR suite of age-delaying skincare. 

Fun fact: The sacred lotus is synonymous with eternal beauty in many Asian cultures, and for good reason, too. It is literally capable of healing itself and blooming after lying dormant for thousands of years — near-magical properties that make it a particularly pertinent and intriguing ingredient in skincare.

But obtaining even just a tiny bit of this plant is extremely difficult. These flowers are lovingly and exclusively grown in Laos for the prestige beauty brand, but the petals can only be plucked by harvesters during the rainy monsoon season while navigating through churning waters aboard canoes. Annddd they have to be perfectly preserved to ensure the efficacy of the extract. 

The final "miracle" brew in the BELLE DE JOUR line is a carefully curated concoction of the sacred lotus’s extract and glycolysat, brown seaweed and plankton, the latter three of which play crucial supporting roles in amplifying the antioxidative and anti-ageing action of the products. Each item in the line is infused with the soothing scent of the lotus befitting its sensual texture. 


The result is an exceptional line of age-defying skincare products, with gems like the Eye Contour and Face Lotion. All of these beauties will shield your skin from daily stress and restore it to the firmness and vibrancy of youth. 

Just watch as the years melt off your face as you use these products in tandem.

So say your goodbyes to ageing, and get ready to welcome your glowing complexion with open arms and a bouquet of lotus blooms!

The KENZOKI BELLE DE JOUR range is available at all Sephora Singapore stores and on 

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