This game-changer is the one thing you need to look less “tired”

Sick of shady colleagues sniping about your bounty of "bags" (under your eyes)? Sock it to ‘em with this energising elixir.


If you've tried just about every darn thing and the kitchen sink to hide and heal unsightly under-eye sagging and bagging, well, “eye” have the solution.

Panda-eyed people of the beauty world, may I present to you the new Blue Serum Eye, an eye-cellent saviour that's fast gaining a rep for being one of the most potent potions for perfectly puff-free peepers. 

This eyebag eradicator is the orbital counterpart to Chanel's Blue Serum, a dexterous do-it-all concoction that combines cutting-edge cosmeceutical tech with the holistic healing power of botanicals plucked from "blue zones" dotted across the globe. 

Blue what? We're talking places boasting an unusually high number of hale and hearty centenarians; whatever's working for them must work for us, or so goes Chanel's why-didn’t-anyone-think-of-this-earlier reasoning.

In any case, the Blue Serum Eye (like its predecessor) is positively packed with antioxidative compounds courtesy of Sardinian olives, Costa Rican green coffee and Greek lentisk gum — a trio of skin soothers sourced from said blue zones. 

Throw in a de-puffing and detoxifying complex and you've got yourself an intense invigorator that will buffer your baby blues from the scourge of smog and stress, as well as — and this is the crucial bit — diminish dark circles and bags, instantly and over time.

Bonus tip alert! If you’re particularly puffy from pulling too many all-nighters, consider performing a couple of reps of this neat little eye-xercise before applying your eye cream. The prodding of your pressure points preps your lids for absorption of the serum to follow and accelerates fluid drainage, plus it'll feel pretty darn good after a long day of eyeballing your electronic devices.

Other bits and bobs to consider: Try layering this luxuriously lightweight fluid under your regular eye cream for extra cushioning if you're headed to a chilly climate; speaking of layering, this serum glides on like a dream under makeup too, so it triples up as a primer of sorts. 

And now for the billion-dollar question: Does it work? Let’s just say that after a month or so of twice-daily application, I’ve found myself doing away with under-eye concealer altogether. 

Bottomline: The Blue Serum Eye will make for an ah-mazing addition to your anti-ageing arsenal.

But y'know what I always say: Your coins, your choice. Suss it out at your closest Chanel cabin and see if it'll restore the twinkle in your eyes as it did mine.

Right, then. I trust this has been an eye-opener of a read. Good luck getting out of the red and into the blue!

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