The surprisingly hippie secret to Miranda Kerr's supermodel-worthy skin

We enjoyed an intimate tête-à-tête with the OG supermodel — and found out she's REALLY into crystals.


Model. Mum. Muse...and mogul?

Miranda Kerr may be feted for her fulsome frame more than anything else in popular perception, but the Victoria’s Secret Angel alumnus also happens to be the head honcho of an expanding empire in the beauty world, thank you very much.

Which makes sense really because in all hand-to-heart honesty, we’ll happily help ourselves to whatever she’s imbibing for her incomparable incandescence. Keep reading for illuminating ingots of insider intel on snagging the sublime skin of our gungho #girlboss.  

Organic chemistry

Every superheroine has an origin story. In Kerr’s instance, Kora Organics was birthed back in 2009 because she was sick of being bamboozled by bogus brands. “I educated myself on the difference between products that claim to be natural or organic, but aren’t – it’s just false marketing,” she explains.

As she became ever more invested in investigating this insidious state of affairs, astonishment soon soured into anger at the appalling array of ostensibly organic labels that did not warrant the green light. To wit, her deep dive into the industry’s ugly underbelly unearthed a deluge of deceitful dealings: “Manufacturers can misleadingly label their products as ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ even though they contain processed, toxic and chemically enhanced ingredients.”

And so were sown the seeds of what is now a flowering franchise. Kerr says all of her line’s toxin-free tinctures are ethically sourced and certified organic by independent international watchdogs COSMOS-standard AISBL and Ecocert. That means you can expect elixirs absolved of potentially problematic pesticides and other health hazards like hormone disruptors and malignant metals (yay!).  

Par for the quartz

Clean credentials aside, crystals are also a core component and literal bedrock of her brand. “All of our products are filtered and energised through rose quartz crystals, so the vibration of self-love flows through the crystals, into the products and onto our customers,” enthuses Kerr.

Co-opting crystals into her cosmetics stems from her confidence in their curative capabilities. “I use crystals in my day-to-day life and carry them with me everywhere,” she says, singling out rose quartz for its “soothing energy that encourages self-love, self-esteem and forgiveness”. It’s even infused into her illuminating palette to amplify blood flow for a hale and hearty flush.

Given her affinity for amethyst, it should surprise no one that Kerr’s also an ardent advocate of aromatherapy. To hear (and smell) it from her, sniffing in a soothing salve of sandalwood and ylang ylang can enhance energy and “assist with physical and psychological well-being”. Try decanting a drop or two into a mist for your mane; the subtle scent will suffuse your strands with a sense of serenity sans stickiness.

Oil's well that ends well

To old-schoolers sticking stubbornly to the outmoded “oil-free” era, repeat after us: Oils are good for you. Well, some oils are, at any rate. Kerr’s suite of sensuous oils includes carefully calibrated botanical blends of organic rosehip, pomegranate and sea buckthorn designed to calm and comfort stressed-out skin.

Dip your dainty feet into the lardy pond by massaging the tightening tonic into paunch-prone zones like your tummy and thighs; this will placate puffiness and soften the striations of stretch marks.

Try your hand at being your own mixologist by decanting drops into your cream of choice for a custom cocktail. Or use the oils “neat” as a richly restorative substitute for your serums. Either way, the feathery fluid will melt into your mien in a matter of minutes.

Noni or nice?

Get into the gloss by glugging down a glass or three of noni juice. Kerr credits this concoction for the legendary lustre of her creamy complexion – she’s been sipping on this superdrink since she’s been 12 years old, and has naturally integrated the nutrient-rich nourisher into her skincare line. The anti-inflammatory ambrosia is said to be supercharged with an astonishing amount of active antioxidants, making it a crackin’ choice for reversing the ravages visited upon your visage by old father time.  


Don't kale my vibe

Nope, no unicorn’s uterus or mermaid’s milk for Miranda. Instead, she has perfected a powder supplement souped up with tried-and-tested vitamins and minerals, plus genuine greens like blueberry, rosehip and elderberry extracts to pack the most potent punch for your buck. Stash these travel-friendly sachets in your satchel and sprinkle it into your smoothies for the supermodel-worthy skin of your dreams.

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