You've got to try this firming facial at our favourite new aesthetic clinic

The treatment's (sorta) Beyonce-approved, FWIW. And it WORKS.


OK, first things first. To my regular derm doctors (and y'all know who you are), apologies in advance: I'm still going to be your loyal patron-slash-patient, but our readers NEED to know about this hyper-buzzy new joint in town. 

Epion Clinic is sequestered in a shop-house at Tudor Court along Tanglin Road — the perfect posh spot for a discreet nip-and-tuck that's accessible but not TOO accessible, if you know what I mean. (Read: Privacy from the prying peepers of plebeians.)

Honorary mention must go to the insanely Instagrammable interior, which boasts a Monocle-worthy monochromatic scheme punctuated by pops of burnished bronze — more beguiling boudoir than cold clinical cell. 

Deliciously decadent decor aside, expect all the bells and whistles of a top-notch aesthetic facility. To wit, a cutting-edge 3D imaging system allows for a deep dive into your current complexion and all its concomitant lines and lumps. (This scan also simulates the results you can expect to see, which makes for a fantastic visual aid.)

Founder and medical director Dr Melvin Tan is ... well, I could talk to him for hours, really. He's eloquent, easy on the eyes and informative without being intimidating, so you really feel like you're in a safe space — which I think is incredibly important when you're stripped of warpaint and feeling vulnerable about your facial flaws as it is. 

The Epion Star is the swishy star of the show; it's a three-part tightening treatment that's billed as a signature must-try on the menu. 

Here's what you'll be getting yourself into. First, infra-red tech courtesy of an FDA-approved Sciton Skintyte 2 gizmo, which promises to crank up collagen production over the next couple of weeks. Gird your loins for a wee bit of warmth from the wand, but the procedure is a painless piece of cake compared to the fiery flush of say, Thermage and Ultherapy. 

You'll then be treated to a hydrafacial, which is where Bey comes into play. (The priestess of pop is apparently an avowed aficionado of this hydrating and exfoliating powerhouse.) The final flourish? An intensely invigorating 24K gold mask to calm and comfort your post-procedural hide. 

There's zero downtime — making this quite literally a lunchtime lift — and results are instant with incremental improvement. I emerged with a visibly vibrant and V-shaped visage, and was confident enough about the state of my skin to traipse about town sans concealer. Yay!

Tl;dr: This relaxing remedy gets the job done, and then some. Suss it out, stat.

Epion Clinic is located at 145 Tanglin Road, Tudor Court.​​​​​​​

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