Reduce The Puffiness of Your Bloated Face In Just 60 Minutes

This top-notch treatment is the ticket to detoxifying your way to a “sharper” V-shaped visage.


Here’s an ugly truth: Life in Singapore can get pretty hectic – and to make things worse, all those late nights spent binge-eating salty snacks in the office can cause your skin to look listless and lethargic.

Enter holistic J-beauty brand THREE’s RHYTHM SPA, which proffers a suite of specially crafted treatments that go beyond skin-deep, so to speak, by aiming to bring balance to your complexion, body and soul.

Peruse from a plethora of programmes that promise to provide all-rounded relief to the angry and aggravated condition of weary urbanites. Not sure which treatments to try? A great jumping-off point — and an ELLE Treat List 2018 winner — is the Balancing Facial Treatment, which is the perfect pep-me-up if you’re looking for a soothing solution to reducing facial bloating.

To tackle the root of the problem, we need to know the whys and wherefores. In this instance, a common cause of facial puffiness is a sluggish flow of fluid in the lymphatic vessels that lie under your skin. When these vessels are “clogged up”, the accumulation of waste can result in unsightly swelling.

The Balancing Facial Care Treatment resolves this quandary with carefully orchestrated (and incredibly “shiok”!) massage techniques, which facilitate lymphatic drainage and a subsequent reduction in puffiness.

Efficacy aside, you can look forward to a relaxing ritual centred around signature organic products from the brand: Think a Balancing Lotion Mask and other potent potions from the Balancing range. You can also expect to enjoy fragrant touch courtesy of essential oils the likes of frankincense and bergamot, both of which are calming concoctions that will alleviate anxiety, soothe frazzled nerves and fend off the ravages of time on your skin.   

The end result? You’ll emerge from the spa looking and feeling refreshed and revitalised, both in skin and in spirit – and with a “smaller” face to boot.

THREE RHYTHM SPA Balancing Facial Care Treatment is available at $160 for 60 minutes. THREE RHYTHM SPA is located at Level 4, TANGS at Tang Plaza, 320 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238865. For more information, visit

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